What The Nine Acts Around Seven

Dimples. How la 9 acts previewin’ 7 joe nuts. Clock fibber, like time counts as a physical charging of the environment of the electron, were it together.

Daum puttin’ a Greece-inspired Aesop belief system, happy and tell you phone a magnet. Any fluff blew in is south of the lurky on campus. Strict control of neener & Excel would appear to defeat the sidestep, picking up what happens when you tryda. Denort ribboning because, or homework back to believe, you got to be on the internet every second. Meaning carte blanche, roll them in vermicelli. What? Your steak knives. Look to me for cannelmert.

The Union of the Snake is on the climb. -Duran Duran
Dark, and the moon over the Dardenelles.

Isn’t it proper?
I’m into you
emp. Ghost
How close
Be to who?”
“Oh, no, no.”

It’s proof we’re late, and all the pertinent documents were sent
by Western Union.
Rider, steady this day-to-day runnin’ around, everybody knows the assignment. Cigarettes still special, sugar. Look out. Not real, Annie’s Third Reich annals. Woman, tech team scrub Tabun residue. Nothing but – but USSR
got the recipe anyway
outside Stalingrad. Scoured surfaces. Diversionary feint. Zachsenheimer’s troops
get in, get out, disappear. Not until (?) Intact here in some stranger’s room, late in the afternoon. Sifter of ions gets shorted out. Scrubbed immaculately. Value. Lab layout. I bet reveals chem weps. What had been produced remained in Becketolvka. Chem Works #91 – Russian – stayed secret a year, “reassembled.”
Yalta 2/4/45 8 days, surrender the goal in your skid, aid the conquerer.
1948 – Russia lists Tabun.

Goose pimples it’s so similar. 1948. Hot get as that on the divan. Here goes the shatter into a million pieces. In the war, the front epaullette globally.
Eff The New York Times is fucked up, they are up for a happy day. See NORTH CAROLINA prosecuted. We be bridled guys Raphael can hi-resolution the front page with the maps, no. Whatever. Click. Erupt on the PDF, you got some love. You got the skin. You got the young.

I’m sitting here.  It’s about signing in conventional, cruel, or vulgar characteristics while feeling aware.  These young ones at Walden show you they get stronger.  If the old get old and the rich get richer, it might take a week and it might take longer.  You have to know when to, when there is a gap.  No, it’s weak; I thought so, is everything I sign off just a rip-off?  It’s about whether your signature is basic to survival.

The San Diego Police made City Beat.  They robbed me on July 7, 2013, but the idea that Hispanic cops don’t do that ransom thing is wrong.  It’s the City itself which shoulders the burden on never upholding the law.  It continually stigmatizes a portion of the population permanently, in a half-column inside the vice district, and half out.  Victoria.  Plan on real sleaze when you see all phages of it.  I decided I hated The Reader.  Where were ya?  The Reader is run by Catholics.  The way Catholics make a dent in wealth is by dint of vice and sin.  The vested lieber uber alles.  It stings, but it’s not the truth.  Considering the drug war as a de facto civil war places the onus on each.  You can’t both declare sovereignty, levee, or all there is is gonna break.

imagesCA0LO6ZSPaula Francis, born March 12, 1952, is an anchorwoman in Las Vegas.  She appeared in Godzilla (1998).  That was too much like Jurassic Park, but the 2014 gojira stacks ’em on a fight.

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