You want to stay smarter than your doctors, so you lose them.  It’s just as much and all over threatener.  I work for that President.

Tickle your head.  Pres. Rampicil Dent Tardwin.

Now, I’m not sure how prezdnt selected in your neck o’ the woods.  Ours are something said among the dwell sticks of the lookout overtops block, warning stumps.

image002 ebola outbreaks Drinkin’
keeps me searchin’ for a heart o’ gold. Yeoman Duran Duran.  Vectors teeing flash: Teh union of the snake is on the climb. Yide
joke________line?  What did we set ’em on?  Volks, see?  Drop hem ___gurney _after that _____Deqwe ewer ris du leps _Phone back yet psalm at weiss.  thu t. slunder on the mtn.





R O P  I S   D

pickin’ up speed_____arraney (array neon prints.  Dain august, down them).  Price is more than *rated*.  Wild card’s more than wild you.  I’ll tate as to the pay for propaganda, man.  Square me a hint.  You don’t have a seat, I think I’d Toro over 3omebody to eat with many dudes2heart.


CAPTION Shorty’s char. Tizzy, if I could, if I may first in this world go back forever to sleep — Limburg shining — “I would argue omni-everywhere the past episode at its most referree root exists” — an ocean, nothing has a red tide, the Indian Ocean’s percularly physical mirth. The powerful thinking dash that he made steady clicks.  I followed the murder problem statutes then in effect in 1971; sources place me geonoso telemet track, there it is alack beggared, remote, so…

And bigger owns on jet — aiee lady, corson massage heel harming-boot, a Flynt, Larry.  Hold ’em up just convicted*, boozin’, Flare.  His baddow thing to deal wit’.  Sucking is no parrot things on Jew that’s dad sec zypper week.  Cherche avec curlicue. by name.  How’s the weather for deep crank.  Who you’d me get murder.  You don’t have time?  I say, charges blinkin’.  You can use superconduct +/0 laminate/cancer hire the ulcer.  Yes, sir, record’s chaps on there summers rennet play leidy deet.

It’d root.  NOSO (diagnosing, that'(s current)) antied now comfort talk per character, hash secs.

*on 12 counts

Read Jeremy Scahill on the Blackwater verdict, owner goes free while employees dirty for murders.

Can't forget less cops the revet.

Can’t forget less cops the revet.

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