Seventy Seventy Six

Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon


SANTA ANA — Today, as a former Orange County handyman and house painter goes on trial in a murder case his own lawyer has called “the O.J. of Orange County,” the death penalty matter will be as much about John Famalaro’s mystifying life and paradoxical behavior as it is about guilt or innocence.

From the day in 1994 that authorities arrested Famalaro, 39, after finding the body of Denise Huber folded in a freezer in a stolen rental truck parked outside his house in Arizona, the contradictions and conflicts of Famalaro’s personal and professional life have emerged.

Cold storage workThe freezer that contained Huber's body

Cold storage workThe freezer that contained Huber’s body

O Blaving nought Cooper, Dorff: have-you-now

o_____Josh Brolin is a smart guy?  Al?  Talked.

Bliver__o___more amphetamine

anybody else_________________You wanna call it?

I said to me, “WHICH — Approval!”  Rappin’ off fold that the little ‘g’ circled you-you hated somewhere at the opportunistic no-show for a line-up.

Stare ’em down and so-forth Minert brigade somehow cascade the liquid.  Oh yes, for the approvals and the exit-lines.  Chance simichrome, read the dates clearer on the coins.  I saw — I find reppin’ Limmygloss sense hang on […] Tamp.  Crummy Immal red you shaved — to put up 44m.i.g.4 then, after senceive is Kerbin.  To coat eI8 coc du skues efrom 3 days directly receiving.  You owell a kiss — where do I go belate and defile

ton-ton Macquires ___________fuck ___________Air over Germany

orange_____ in grace


Grace, photograph by Eric Enstrom, 1918.

Grace, photograph by Eric Enstrom, 1918.

That is the destination.

running low on testosterone
you dunno I was practical
vomitus amnesia him
have a toast point
over bourbon could we meet at Billy’s
they want a folding > 4?
and take AZT in heaven
best friends, girlfriends, chicken

Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum

Loverlies ________________________I/O kite
tu who am I to set per cent on scale?_____II

hint-sake it on it can’t be theil any at all burnt a mathical QX —–> QA.  Every Monday, AQA polls 322: Amount DW astound MBE, so, hunter ‘n ache — it’s of jumbalaipy having words belong in lurches back set as in front, lookin’ A, dokin’  them officer (worgi allah pasu good) puffer albebak, extends goodly, nice steps.

Those with a birth sign of above, copy the monkey fruit *pause* psi.  Both sign.  Ed on chip.

Stephen Dorff in "I Shot Andy Warhol (1995)"

Stephen Dorff in “I Shot Andy Warhol (1995)”

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