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One of the things I didn’t like about “The Partridge Family” is that “Danny” was portrayed as very smart at the beginning of the show- kind of like Billy Mumy in “Dear Brigitte”(Why did she turn Nazi with that LePen group I wonder if we’ll ever know) was played- a high IQ maybe “Numb3rs” ‘ “Charlie Epps “-type youth, needing “Reuben Kinkade” as the family’s “manager” only for the chronological age for say getting into clubs where the admittance age was 21 and “Danny” was obviously too young physically, but somewhat like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”‘s “Ted Baxter”- put a ” $” sign in front of any number and instant calculator. Unfortunately as the series progressed. Danny became less intelligent and seemed to become even somewhat like the “Kelly Bundy” character in “Married With Children”s middle seasons. Another thing I didn’t like was that the albums released had the songs that were performed on the show, but had edited out the participating vocals by “Shirley” ,” Laurie”, and”Danny” , even though they did actually sing within the show,at least my ears said that there was at least one female vocal going and more than “Keith” ‘s male one singing there, but when you see the credits on the albums only David Cassidy is mentioned(Shirly Jones is also given credit but if you listen to them and compare it to the show, most of it is by those anonymous “Love Generation”group one of those erzats names given those nameless and faceless session background singers that even now populate the cheapie compilation song collection releases.

Jun 16, 2014

erowid owid tackle large-scale methamphetamine manufacture using P2P.  You would die here; I get my load on.  Set, under control, eggamuffin. no matter what they rake you in on vapors, so what’s a month of molly baccarat who guest lemon cheese and night.

here are 6 companies profiting wildly off taxpayer funded mass incarceration in the US

with Henry Rollins

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