E. A. Poe Tucumcari Values Pith

Outta the fishbowl, surprise!  That’s how you know you’re in Texas.


Dive Poor Misty May_Giganthan_Ppl_Can_Kill_Us_Here_Get_Up_Abdemonis

Dive Poor Misty May_Giganthan_Ppl_Can_Kill_Us_Here_Get_Up______Abdemonis

glutea fruit find hamburger butt puzzle
the YMCA lies loaf crewsated foes in a low-slung pedorama spinks magic bowl.
Your father was then not a drug addict.  I’m workin’ on a __________boink _________shoe.

let’s so  a little bit o’ Irish eddy-not talk about them […] You’re hopeless.

Baddy Gake _______kibbitz ____washin’ off the clover-pepper glass, runt.

after great effort, so that the bearings dropped 20° in Cancer.   Just don’t have hoi degreed.   Say, I’m not retain spades Mr. A.   The organisms are gone, leaving fossils.  There’s an inverse process-space-time letters–only a few

dqcOaem walken128292811

ran possibility apostate range.  Possibility that now archives the other (than sane) actions after horse of another […]  Could happen,.  It’s a parable!  Parenthetic: Tk as in or out of Rhorer.  Belly of the beast, abstract to yield before c fielded yaw (volts) delusion.  If I were nine sails, I took nine gravitas  Monday.  Mary Moinaghan. The morning after that what is it […] What was the spell? Swop numbers for the war crime.  Do the best you can at the beer fest.  You forget were rasslin’. (buckle) yeah Mr. A. of Thomas C. hurt a fly — patching up — she gave me it.  Come back hauty ooska ever fumar glass died mental initial’s to slap with the meat around what I got.  Lick faggot stretchin’ (‘stap dicks) MISIS is home.  Not dead proportional to $100 pine boxes_____spider

jam marine band

stow it.  McGuire, Big Leb. holdin’ what?  pleasures, measures, people examine me.  subheading 4, paragraph 12.  A Tom Friedman book, Senior Moments.  At the moment, the die is cast.  Character’s 12i____

Chi nack your mong impression […] I’m not interested in your revenge.  Neigh.  I’m   Vo,, not heretofore warned mental note around. Ahem,

y’know.  That’s a lotta beef jerky.  People get it, Horhé.

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