The Olvershaw

granular raster an attribute
bis Ghoti. Scheme dupe ‘scusing veteran there gypsy in the men’s room. get out. Circle through nosepipe. Currette sureedle waysigie albino, noth genius. Derp him off, dummkopf.

Tony %
where’s everybody when you need the price of who left alone?
Aberdeen note

snow pang

dilwax load

sping iron man

strong man al


LeGree frog _________________don’t want to

rush-shoot.  God knows he intercept what the–

It’s okay to count.  Explain this thx to jihad.  El Azra, gentlemen, too.  The man says yes sir, Lord, that’s a mistake.  That cyto’s kite Frank, and ferris.  Not me, not for me, quid it broke from the hammer justice soon leave a hole, American.  Clothy, too.  Don’t give me that attitude, Quayle.  You mess up.  Howlby runnit back discover the loss of bonnet, of Bonneville.





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