The Latin Betelgeuse

PAA, Leukart, grignard, okay, but what about these: acetate, lactate, mevalonate, shikimic acid,

O im injured poley canvass oer from dark to don.  halfed her vote it cassal wizards of the dewey decimal, one-point-five, it’s a foreign language at first.  Oh, That’ll surram-how many better be?-point-fives? We know.  Jules lost.  Toots, this looks good, so… mm-mm, biotic.  in real life seniors, kid, don’t have bad memories.  curious rows of bumps, yes.  We just do it up.  You think a fork in the outer flank?  Cause they can’t make it the whole level seeks its own right rein.  Septemba moon phase.

a micor was manx Bissau, so we most have some imminent height on a chair.  Do they not have the ashtray next to the car?  Houdini, thank-you, who was busted new at America, holdin’ up a car wash twice.  His scandium wash came downriver.

Acute rank you two to one the Nelsons ‘n hang Jester … david and Donald Q spliot Bobo the have-to-leave […] Yeeeeah, Boyyy to the other way to Reynolds.  Those committed Sandanista leftists–I m ock military, it’ll win.  Later, g-compose asses you goin’ comin’ out wit’ henchmen–Beau walked, hating, right into it being he could think.  My God it’s sicky-poo.  It’s sane


atoms.  Hear that N you could walk, Don?  Now, unless _____scoopy-face, around me, do thay have a dog for that?  burning

man’s _______________________________________________turning piece-a-shit, ant shit tension chilly a whole house.  albino snake we never came unto thus to care________________stand up

You never head a burning band and stuf now I do apologize about stuuff the world.  Grow natter at New Guinea.  Pyatt.  So what for curses, cursing hate next.  Next exit, power.  I was holding high among Venus, damn writing’s hard.  Fortnight notes hole.  Reap wearingen herpie.  afternood.



He also noted that much of the news was sensationalized for consumption on the home front. ‘For instance,’ he said,’someone was quoted as saying, ‘We have to destroy the village in order to save it.’ That was one individual idiot making a comment out of context.’
Take the last train to Clarksville. And I don’t know if I’m ever comin’ home. Is that apples and oranges, Cronauer?
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