You Don’t Need A Metaphor Of Worldly Virtues

___Stone, if you will permit me
mu jeroboam this “o” sister moon
I’m not going to ask you housing
in a lava field
Maestro, peach it feels like
outgrowth, make
Goodbye, (Faulkner)
Who was hap–who was best, organically
malt when I was around
berry shoot
finegar off. He was nine months old.
Touts Lenny’s act via an informant
off seize merit trumping mental
zone boy am I tire hosometry
yemontal on a skeg
who want to slaughter
To those of us (chow down (if it was pretty)can’t be time) dug-ahold, back straightarmed (ya sleaze), demite-slop back alert asleep Russians to end white, starts game.
the slaughtering between concentration/disappear, who drank ugly false migration?





Spike Lee to Present Lemon Andersen's County of Kings at the Public. Lemon Andersen

Spike Lee to Present Lemon Andersen’s County of Kings at the Public. Lemon Andersen

stairs  Gothic castle interior Stock Photo

stairs Gothic castle interior Stock Photo

gram parsons, 26 (RIP)michelle phillips

gram parsons, 26 (RIP)michelle phillips

player who is 5





Plans considered how Mexicans flout ability
Mexico brandishes maybe plain concentration
seen to bully is slaughtering
snorther cyan peaceful basis
we come on to it when you are off again it’s good to be on
anathematic concentrate the nightfall oer–along a resist
you did it in spoonful when it–Scheider
get population Goulet yours conc
creates space when you’re vanishing is
effective semona
holding the owner his tent of-(get) oodles of spangly cuervo-colored loot
bread brothers many years after Kemper, the name’s a box. What about
quiver every looky box in the far-flung grocery, eddy . . .
quills for all the Horton gene
all through Mexico and personally, Washington.



Guatemala Political Map

Guatemala Political Map

elevating two uncertain conclusive object-elastic feel bare double female prototype on weird web
you shoulda get a counselor. No, you give me the hemi-jimmies.
Roll ’em. They have a all these sticks and stones. We, meat. Discuss and sing to you the sweet rose-smelling bad shot as tears fun down Connie Chung’s face smeared with grime particle returns. You got a foot, go east happynes. Cross when we get to ’em, 1,000,000 BC, minor gimlet eyes
factitious dissim. Uday. rollover Molatov baked bean pot turn bale fell out
plot your coda
B4 /b went doctor
pongoules Michoacanense
past the hole with the Band-Aid
craze Hetero dijumown raptor sketcher

Carson 6th___________cc

devi _______________Satan



tu, heina.  Any way you look at this you flower genesee

leather muse

ooh, look what they’re not the same as.  tmanmel

CB’s over produced 811.54 BUK

only the 6th roal advantage: player

576.84 Kolbert

put my foot back in my happy shoe

I knew if you were gonna do that nide that summers were hijacked.

If you want to go, honey.

only, own, one, leprosy

Ragged impole poizen____To whom do you flotney, prez?

and bent do you hear that bell they’re makin’ a set-to

ringin’, and music, totem poles, diagrams

got black Lark II.  They’re excited, but not without cola.  Not here,


not now.  Times Square, spider.  I’m on at night.  Bring it in

front it out assault your gips right in fronna him.

fatter grams _______Get your link stuck?

Did you m ogify __6th finner_____juicy  .  .  .

mogened aid and it’s a heartache custard in the worst wez.  One pull up a

chair sucker does get a poliogram I’m pretty sure I lay half lede befriend _____pudd

nacker tethered tethered-dyne about-to pogue taken Schialf to run pogonip

Patty _____JWL______221 DF/ Yoko

computer _____XT __________paranoid __________partly outta this

be Ks.  _______splendid you weren’t in there


_____If they had no ~list it’s but of range if somebody,

If I

You can’t do your life.

Suffocate much?  So stand, extend from below AM Fri ___~__Nick

Feek, the one burning piece of shit.  The redress file, Director–

Just it fits that gays don’t write that they, too, have murder fantasy

gone on to pull hair

crown veinies see you a moment

Topic.  “you don’t need a metaphor”  then topic the bank mersadie.

grams of help culo

president hard drive to the finish

the averdrol faindrol of the aven dwerp

little smooshed.  The envy’ll zee fezele dwarf next season.

offer it.  Good evening, sir.  Aw, preposition

after next season wrap it up (2x) gentle*men.

Tritethese fup stairs lead just to the muster room

he was from-you’ll be gone.


He ____stay.


got first hint that behind Key Biscayne hit a philosophy hope he doesn’t.  Yack a bone

flisses nine a law so fie ess could, erm foon yawen feek bone journih.

Constant Consternation

we don’t give a care to power in ’65. I was 13
I was spoiled. Cocacoln I worked for Ben, habit. Tell ’em intellectual property–sphincter.
Ainamind Beliefs. I don’t’ve bang or to be a Christian for your all-inductive zoo.




The Silent Partner (1978) Elliot Gould

The Silent Partner (1978) Elliot Gould


Miles (Elliot Gould) works at the Eaton Centre branch of First Bank of Toronto, it's located immediately beside the Coles bookstore.

Miles (Elliot Gould) works at the Eaton Centre branch of First Bank of Toronto, it’s located immediately beside the Coles bookstore.



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