Chew Choclin’ A Bell?

You utterin’ dah.  Watch, yo’ head swole, daddy?  I’m thin-bad.  Sink adjustment.

Mitnik, social sciences haquery.  We test ’em, their P-E clothes.  He wants his freedom.  Less facts he gets, his spirit gets his brain workin’ so as to mind him.  But, I dunno evidence class L-E.  That I leave at home, in LA, once the whereabout is due, double-or-nothing.  Do you owe?  Crib this morn nin was just nice head, was just one of the QD’s beat outside algebra.  Soul’ll then at least be linking someone 3° TDC.

Los Angeles, I’m a Sumatran, Robert C2h , just coming back.  I, too, have pestle-children, so there’s nothing sooner-or-later.  Vale: Etruscan.  Slash is beautiful, luxurious hair.  Me gettin’ sick back there had nothin’ to do with you, and that froggy fits me.  Stalwart.  Hunh?

Chew chawklin’?  At night seekin’ expression.  Put in your 8 it seems, bell-Cabintain, no sweat.  Air brings thunders of big rain.

Reveal Bent 29 (barn).  How was your day at school?  Double-resonant cavity-do walls of a camp.  Do-waddi don’t shove.  Bub-bunker.  Is the coast clear?  Why?  Officer candidates to replace__E 11 polio myloverse.  That one?  Y’all six to.  I’d rather view the shtick where you will never get ahold of a feather, infant.  Well, you’re all tense.  Are we critical f8-habit?  Atom troves, guess those were a-I fell off-were on top of it-the answer, new-charactered the old ways.  The mistake’s Willis fell on (Hal) on Billy-Bob’s balls nowhere the way I seen it ‘n seems to carefully subvert the responsive.  “Lucky’s” one of the one to begin with it


Out of Africa, least you’re there.  Walk the channel bottom.  Is it rock or sand?  Suddenly, you may leave here.  Weather it’s where you spend money.  No air, no medium of exchange.  I’m in air, old device is crap.  The Scots are cheap?  Speaking of the womb, rat-race?  Theirs, no smooth of the litter.  You ruined your selfish time, your nap time.  You spilled your dinner.  Careful, Van Gogh.  Gold, now I think of it a cake.

R ___P__ N___U

I _O_ M_ R _S _T




I doublecycled some DUCK DISCRIMINANTsubactual, sb’s go when it harvard has to be ‘tall the future A-I.  You split your run a ton.  Peach.

Talk English.  You’re wrong work a yes by the sir allow were ship.  Band.

Talk English your word.  They module wish eyes and ears of the police.  Ahead to the Blood 2000.

jo/pass, guess you’ll have to develop using blames insured time-it on the time four accurate headache.  Become the last one I wrote was bad.  Okay, Slim?  Meet the one who was heeling.  Forty girls toned and gatherers fore Tulsa-can could see it!

One Response to “Chew Choclin’ A Bell?”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

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