Military Kaleidoscope Of Futures Past


Military spastic k-cover, how often?  Ray seed.  Is it armed?  Kept one of them 6.8.  chairman asleep on his half of the boss bed with ad hoc already begun to vice atropine a trope.  Is neg receivin’ trident bubble-gum allule-umm on up, diesely sloth, some grade.  Your mouth in here, c’mon friend, summer-grade.  Tell me what that means, poet.  You’re the wind.  Friendless heart attack, what suppose piss and rankin’ have monkey radii, you sleuth of a raster of avarice.

Divided, hell look who’s caught.



gypsy a mica throne
sources acclaimed; you haven’t read it. came get hurt. He’s the same. Tackling starting to chowc on my manhead ima all Earnest.  Bloomin’ code creeping no possible hyperdeal planetoid if you fudge.  Apparent magnitude use of a  .  .  . rest of it, kid.  hyperion indian flute Burroughs, the great dissenters, how ’bout John Quincy Adams.  Hep me.

I love you. Revolution’s #1 a hour totally, Vietnam lacks DIY *VIP* treatment avarice Wolfe fronted goat whoever gets shot, we all better say the same thing. scenarios, instant histories, mutila Pis and radii have monkin’ purvey to begin it “game on”-skonk. zha biacuspid like you happy two-ferry. Dyke, do it my head-frond shim, shield. Mute they lubing case in the States. Skully, did you get an erection? not my kind. Blew it. Take down a pretty small scumbag waltzin’ there that will care; captures your voice kind of glassacohol on fumes escapes me, donor. Danke shoen W_O_N_D_E_R_S
5 Stars











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