Go To Sleep, Toaster Go To Sleep, Toaster

A radical conservative dialectic:

Fuck, shit, pee

\  \  / unite




1. Haid so you don’t aggravate it.


nut, crazy (input), insane

homo time

when in/out nigger-sie . . . I’ve been taking care of you, would you like to see my pussy?  It’s going to cost you their argument, over the heavy lift.  Copy?  Thank you.  Snap-time yo funky codessas.  DaVinci now them, square one stubborn reset with prejudices in the book.

The damn is put on the wiper-down.  Go easy on the top of the z: uh.  No candy, kid, sorry.  Gun homo less nigger’s “s” pee.  Particle how long they make.  Voluntary cares.

presto efficacious empowerment wd

George Queer Washington, a maiden.  Turn around, you insufferable face.  White queers, we can talk about a-mating.  It has something to do with true love seating @www.immediatelyif not sooner.

Aw, he come back.  You feel the wall? How’s he comin’ back, through the wood?  Do you catalog?  Use advance search to predict the flavor change of a dry tomato for base YES.

Bring the point to me: Evade the point, good dog.  Put the cause to my mind, and beautiful yellow Fountainblue.


How’s exact to a degree, that I can tell you.  It doesn’t look like why’s very subtle, course when who’s fate is it to tell face is a Ken doll.  Located in the building, Elbis’ll shit rusty ice cream.  Lag for it, Ace.  You Nelly ready fo’ me.  

Cocksuckers.  In a Cosco, under duress, some others remained.  What about it?  Legal and female, her bags a re packed.  Bronk cares about the winner globe, the carrot in the next war.

Fix wars, keep an aspirin raid substrate black-and-white link.  Okay, it’s in one o’ these box.  She looked it up ondine.  “The Gargler Trepidous”.  You’re not mine.  You’re not nine industoried , son.  

Leave in a deHavilland.

A cross-contemptograph.  You may as well hit me.  I doubt I’ll cross a block away.  Give me a ring over the weekend over the phone.  Canned face plant, Dondi.  It’s on the pad. New here, that’s sixty cents.  The idea is not to rush to place nuclear weapons atop rockets, applied.

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