Wonder If Therany Problems

DoubrtKilling oneself may be morally right or wrong or neither, depending on the circumstances and the values of the person doing the judging.  In order to speak and think clearly about suicide, we must agree on its core meaning.  I use the word “suicide” to refer to  taking  one’s own life voluntarily and deliberately, either by killing oneself directly, or by abstaining from a  directly life-saving act.  In other words, I regard any behavior motivated by a preference for death over life that leads directly (perhaps only after the lapse of several days) to the cessation of one’s life as suicide.  Whether we judge that act as good or bad, rational or irratiuonal, permitted or prohibited is important, but it is another matter.  [Dr. Szasz]

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Jay Leiderman‏@JayLeidermanLaw
OK Twitter, I’m just a handful of followers short of being over 9000. Let’s do this today. I believe in you.

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 Anonymous Press Katina C. Alan Pritchardo Cult of NatSec

8:19 AM – 15 Aug 2014

Mike ‏@Catf1sh_ · 4h
@JayLeidermanLaw sockpuppet reporting in.


Nappa ‏@DBZNappa · 4h
@JayLeidermanLaw WHAT?! NINE THOUSAND?!


Anonymous Press ‏@AnonymousPress · 4h
@JayLeidermanLaw over 9000? Then we will have #cake


Jay Leiderman ‏@JayLeidermanLaw · 4h
@catf1sh_ I heart U


Nappa ‏@DBZNappa · 4h
@AnonymousPress WHAT?! NINE THOUSAND?!


Jay Leiderman ‏@JayLeidermanLaw · 4h
@anonymouspress delicious cake.



















One Response to “Wonder If Therany Problems”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    People actually are dead; little folks are in an early stage, 47 h%les chablis denial. The North Koreans, see, were referred to here on a Saturday. The following Monday Kim Jung Un made a command, thus:
    Fowle, an American tourist accused of leaving a Bible in a hotel where he was staying, said he has “no complaints” about his treatment.
    “It’s been very good so far, and I hope and pray that it continues, while I’m here two more days or two more decades,” he said.
    All three men said they have signed statements admitting their guilt. North Korean officials monitored and recorded all three interviews, and CNN was unable to assess independently the conditions under which the men were being held.
    U.S. National Security Council spokesman Patrick Ventrell said Monday that securing the Americans’ release “is a top priority and we have followed these cases closely in the White House. We continue to do all we can to secure their earliest possible release.
    They do a grip of crystal, maybe they ain’t up to me. I hang out upside-down. They got class. Hel-looo, this is what I mean about ESP, or false random cause-and-effect. Mark Africa scans the future right now. Imma itemized target.

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