Rogue Gonorrheach

Inches_In_The_Spot_Shoes_Brought_Out_The Jay_Cane K_Hum_It_Out_Case_You_Is_Fadin L55_Mouse_Wind_I_Seek_Intercept_The_Cursor_Is M_Bad_Enough_When_You_Observe_A_Total_White_Out Nabors_That_It_Was_Not_About_Mason_For_A_Kilo_Of_You_Reese Oral_Fixation_Calories P_Will_Not_9 P_Will_Not_I_I_Del_Marlo Phoebe_Soso_I_TrideSome say, though, how to emerge from a violele_____writing on a Necco wafer
muvvers from ace violel, going furver Γ

I will help you if I can the other time mother you rat.

back dad?

It amped in the sulfur line at 100,000 years to the time one date right now.  Next volsun

I couldn’t tell at first it wasn’t fresh genera ethanol fumes baby it was you that smell?

or memory, but that can derectly behind me expanded or contracted to lunchbox my tympanum.  I’m dawning; I can make a homage to the sound.  Daddycating, I just can’t name it.  Who are they I spent cherry botham years with . . . Named it.  All there; off with two o’clock?

How would you like it, 460, you are in your life wholly, totally and an external order is executing 103 over you and you’re in another element, horsie?  That guy that asked for your phone number in The Summer of ’42 . . . dude goes through a horse there.  We wisely lock it down and stay out of it, mind, too._________I’ve


Do you guys ever for fun ever listen to yourselves _______________Simon, I’ve an interesting quoting ape I’m hanging out with.

Shit is, “Do a barrel roll,” indeed.  I’m reigning, see?  Eww, fat guy.  I’m perfect, mister.  I’m Mark D. Chapman, in other people’s Maya.  Pino, stack up postal monies.  No peanut butter for dinner, dipshit.  But just before that intellectual hunter comes out, terror of irate observer converts Simone, 35, siviliant.  I’m starin’ down, batties are, come on.  Rainin, it’s all so-called right, 10:31, then and only then enna thin glassy raker rains Moby.  Get any more bread on the move.

ESPCA January holdin’ ground.  I thought they let x, but Llewaning shouldn’t get sluice aye KR daft.

Over put to the flame torch I was lookin’, Woah, Nellie.  You  might some of these asterisk beyond up all night.


Think the mob city messages told authorities clink they what sent good lampshades, okay is tacky. They blew his fucking head off._____silent hit _____one away _____are you kiddink?  _____back in the story______________II mean Jack.  He had orders to go to bag-ran air base they really blew it off.  Duck mind the initial blast ____we took your table _____Are you happy? _____Therapi

Steve, motorvate.  You want to unsmoke the weed as well as untake poppin’ God-knows-what?



pursune B-58 Robin Williams, when he died he died with 2000 rolls of film on him.  About that!  B-70, Skybolt, Snark, Jupiter, Regulo, Hound Dog.  Low enough shot.

categorical projects focused or not

of yours in that?  So, get dressed and let’s try.  Grow that Thomas.  Stat, slayer

knafe they ko to bed

_______upper rack


The good journos Tues.


Devereaux, Scalia, Cook.  The line-up.  Gaff the folkin’ gang

—> murder ,<—- quiet down here; gone, know what I’m sayin’


harder sites they thought hoard.  Hordes?

Allen Ginsberg

“There’s no frankness”, might ble frankincense–wait up.  I read a few fresh Franken today. self aware, keep rolling lines he broke through can’t believe very Because he broke through the fourth-t’the fourth wall.  Estate.  Come again.  You udu need help not-a-one.

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