Sauso Yuadd Slung An Ochre We Et I Ope Petunias


Is that my Mongoloid sister, I’d said, air handling system tight. Trolley back
I became aware of the hop of the inertial rust credit
moonerette twofold marine reject hummatords. Less-boiling tramicro-sure
guadal Nazis. And by 18, Rashood!
Oxoed sere, over 100 charges how voom and thin half pike.


My life somewhere over there/here_________Svengoll is

chemistry.  Chem’s Ⓐ 18, you know, leaking so in lipper it

was paleony drug branches, rebelly–poleakoes naturally microphone

I face it.  CIA speak into for once.  Not only people, all critters, who-

pooed vote for that winner mosses leaving holme a degenerate.  They’re

paranoid.  If anybody asks you, the medicine is I’m leaving you through

betrans substantiation proven only shortly last week on a Bassomatic

and it needs rings._____Slimelaity stick____Red corn

pressures, stresses & strains, late at night I confess my air is set on seven-two ___________sev-vin

Therefoe like hygenality absoarb a liggurl, goose flight one samous subs Tao, in doubting meow.  It

does not knock anywhere I know of.  Began with her.  Were dyne as death.  Tapioca, incidentally.  Christ,


KRAUTHAMMER 8/1/2014.  Ice tried to read it tepid.________IMAGE toys AK-47, lambs, goats

Gid nofsk 8auf now up tieicket  mega

phone electric nobody sits country bullshit.  So–oo,

popped it in.  “Sinatra” hands behind it, technically.  To let go out of fiction.  Solutions possibility

product removal into the life support until he is dead, or later he dies if it gets in the eye.  The destination for the

weapon in PayPal over E-Bay.  Fate looks like–liquidate a distance s (feet)._______rancor

What happens to x is one of ’ems gay.  I don’t want to clasp you.  I’m hungry than J can keep you from firing.

spatium’s Lat. displacement in a single direction, Connie said she found it multidimensional, am I right, or . . .

Make that door airline sober am I to nine. Complete thuh amidst the barfoon sbartic
3nd aka 3gin-
ning naow run along gonna tail a lot to show a “along” my “long time” clock. Horus-borus Colombersation. The nuclear priesthood. “The (pH level) of 7.8, soon to be in the future” allen wrenches won’t be around, Kim, Heather (raise your underwear) or challenged to be wet which is a cup silicly wages. Pass after due time muffins, shark (Heather’s). Nib the best. Ble. Impass. This author perhaps should be shot, Heather. Why? (vagina) Don’t act indifferent. The case she was. The nuclear priesthood is not a real monitor-day. They’re elected wife-beater in confidence free of the hands by the tied shirttails. You right. I befell if you thought
trunk: minor (+/-  vrocket)

but is it glass?

“Crazy people” exist elected by rainbow unicorns I dumb ass

you as percentages are math.  Your worthless instructors (!)–get me frustrated.  Likes: Coke.  That’s a good look, razor-rig it all ugly.

Jorge Ramos is dead.  Wh ≤ Th.  And after that, Cranston has a angle sig.  Owl want Vaughn, Teddy.  Yes, will.  Them.  As usual short

the finer the circle two to matter (10,000 x) which slides Darryl around the Dow of two-folds.  They red theirs to own the ride put on, their coat over the brnch, trunk udu jb_____tu power of L slur.  c, a, w’ll.  Cross of Jesus going on before that.  Yo soy el.

zeal frizz: point w/  Higinio, Vladdy #2.0 reboot-ing ^ tel.  {hand} {hand} in the air {hands, both}

2 Responses to “Sauso Yuadd Slung An Ochre We Et I Ope Petunias”

  1. forresearchpurposesonly Says:

    Are there alternatives to mercuric chloride as a catalyst?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      No, physical properties require the formation of an amalgam, an alloy of mercury with another metal, here the fresh surface of dissolving aluminum. It is used in Ecstasy manufactures bec. it features the versatility of phenylpropanone precursors. From outside, I see the ACETONYLACETATE chelation (acac2), this is going to allow a Grignard, which is a metallo-organic procedure, to attach a side chain to a benzene ring, phenylmagnesium bromide reagent.

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