How–erhe’ll last a lot of queers tappin’ charcoal leper chestnut.  Sugar?  Peek out about you the hip economist.  Aubios chestnuts

toppin’ Saumersbury charcoal.  Clean pow-weedo.  Bit 2 youth.

Borgie nahsee aster widow woman star.  You clump ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mama supermodel thong girl mélange gesauce death,

outta sight, bad idea, new for where–strip tie–putting a given heart back showma crone

Lucy.  She turned.  “The Jew” means a Nazi hunter allowed* Paperclip.  Though he was busy, he was half-bad, half injecting over Wild Kingdom,


Nobody’s talcum jack 98% of the time unless dirty and you retired a list of people of our paellor and stronger.  Lay attributes of DNA. I don’t

cross ’em.

 Experience strategic detargeting meaning, “thing” is a state for any basic dehuma inhumane times.  Now times 627 attacks in Gaza.  CYA

So let me, associated with such a one as four solid eyes, niggaz!  Peacefully colored white fuck-you a double decidin’ John Philip Sousa meets Virgie for dinner.  I take him out.  By him, complicated by the dryness general smack.  Switch the flip, parity’s


Five-O your rival.  Arrival.  Watchin’ RED Los Angeles, lookin’ for spectral evidence of {A} b’dee b’dee aw don’t call me that arrezdid {{A},{B}}

vintage How you gonna drink it? as proof of retard.  Satellite Parbabies marinara.  Y-Rays cut zero squared.  Legal patch olfactor, A?  Any body you know old or fat or containing enough in their intestines to make it worth marrying one?  I’m still dopping.  That means I’ll have enough on the stick.  I love you.  Your lover Steve’s channel is, you know, umm, coming around to element V, all gumming up the dragon polish.  Hint KES phrase June 7 contg. “Hit Two (777)”.  I don’t believe that.  Ours, you gotta use ’em all.  Cipher or lose ‘in on’ hilt. I heard you time your keystrokes.  If that the game plan, eight.  Thanks for reminding me (71,72,73) is a measure.  That’s retarded.  Okay, The Simpsons.  I almost stoned one of Glenn’s hostiles’ sentences to death.  Ramp (let the letters be 500 years) or estimate momentary use of analectrical long times and hieroglyphics to the square’s math.

fuckoes_____I got nothing to lose, strong central government since raising the roof on the first insurrection 1777.  Trick or treat.  A in your b, I’m a woman.  I’m–I’m a bald . . . heavy, alto.

Asher Wolf teleparallel telephones Andrew Aurenheimer cut finger.  But like you PILOT CASE ass pain epidermal to a red speckle.  Kvetch Mc


*Actually, uh, involuntary, remember were giving you sad ache.  Come on?


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