Be Send A kcuF







If those who fail to expire in prison tough enough of am  life and death in American hands.  In this blog, we claim the pedophic church show off, baby.  Bigger than yours.  Shut up.  as Shelly outsizes poetry.  Helen Vision titles out they see-through your little mick Miami garlic missing: press Burnt cities cooties before the sea whittles them away.

Psycho ___________________Charleston stole one of his proofs.  I got the papers.  Unkill on moderations

___sell cargo sell Chicago is there a place to make a left turn you follow it the window is popped you see is glitter around here safe on board Will your cities burn and drown?


Sell____Congo if you own it.


Theme From “The Godfather”

These matters whose Self-Identity leakages spin.  I’m like Frank in a lot of respects as a writer.  The same time and place male %-age doesn’t belong to me.  Aw, Nathan lost uniqueness.  Bumble.  Be send about kcuF fair late


S___P__I __N

The asshole pound?  Yeah, mine does, in the condra dress a brisket.  Aw, tall winds, Chicago typewriter.  Handbasket.  And the order comes.   Arrow Piper___________


B___E__A __C__H

To do the man.

No he’s ‘n hims’ mistakes.  There’s a word for what I have, it’s vetted, so the noit when you’re reading backward no-

et promise me note lack of truly used information in its rigorous explanation to the god Tinvinsk mundane, everyday afford beakerundum  because you bring them citified–oh, honey heavy, you owe tote . . . that malice in a cook so limb . . .


SARS _____

Urge your elegy.  von Kisser the mooring, warbler.  My JUNE I’m not in jail.  Pre is a prefix for

elastic.  I’m–#G-8Y cigarettes

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