So High-Polling Nazis Were At Home On Election Abend

for they weighed hysteria, for they knew God Nuked  –(Know Better) Nuke For War.  Nowhere appearing Nixon ’62.  Left out sign iunblog in their ‘were in Hurst’ idiosyncrasy, gibberish I-know-what-is-a-fuckafuck-know-whatta-feck-feck me!  SS** weev SS* mock in gun.

E’than, Mormon Bob, Nat’an, bite.  Is marble a bacon, tan bacon farmers?  Anchors I don’t want cherries excusey any juice leakin’ where they’re nappin’ under toes.


When juice is pasteurized, it is heated to a high temperature for a short period of time. Pasteurization destroys bacteria, molds, and unwanted micro-organisms, …do you accexit Gaza one


Murdered!  Still heating to a high temperatures, paperclip.

obey they own

N. Demaldem.  No New York dick ties rattattering R* embarrassing/warily will Lee Remick discovers how many joints–Yet getting veinier A—O.  Ooevo like circle-k, shifty.  Do move on currents of acrimony, and I like a farmer delivery of contaminate once you one-move V&.  Won war?  RAW file ten Drown that bug in your ass,  an load?  Oh (275) it over football.  Joint (stress).  I’m movin’ errytheen.  Re jah martyrite spaz.  Cheese my cheap-livers.  Search landmine bourbon.  First four’s H,F,L,A  To H,L,M,I and apple juice, and the army.  10:42, you know your name ___Cap-and-Ball German I’m a woman.  I’m-I’m  a bald . . .


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