Moll Latitude

It doesn’t matter, divide.  Slam her into eighth.  Last night a little angel . . . lying on the floor

-Billy Idol

aw metal pride

it’s gonna be talking to me.  Yeah, alright.  Hot tuna  Hello.  Aimin’ it–beamin’.  Check mine &

reverwarr bop.

卐Mocking Nöel/Wimpjap

Double Feature Catastrophic Predatory Martians

Count  joto rock doggerel.  This thing? In that sweater, you look hot to Monday.  Do

stand up.  The bomb’s shell, WL wikis a number of “WL–“–dogmatize semi miracle utils in pay/ring.  Well, wocket.

Wilson, wikiweapons, prove it, nuke’ll cordite, Dad

you broke it.  make weapons w/ 3-D automatic brokey-kit.  Receipt seizure, in time, sovereignty.  Were shtraight ron wettafon.  Counter back, energine.  Not cheating.  Flappin’ as Amazune cargo Escher-tessellated amina.  He has lost too many palominos.   Were dojo hai boo
Uanna pecs fillin’ ties, basement boxin’ up 25 or less anna piece kit rifles secrit kiemp-

ty .  Foreclosure, Plato.  Now, now, second cousin Bernard.  Fatal.  Slalom through.  Coronary turn into a brick.  Were alighting through the venimore to the porte cochere.  Our vessel’s light, but made kinda whut?  slow

Rube, the Russians did.  The American Dreedle is premuch deadly and the thing the old deadly like are 1,000 miles of

runway the fung shui, my buccaneers.  Now, taxiing community absoapers, instead of the last of Kinte’s race kept is-late.  Oh.  In a zoo, in a zoo, in a zoo, Murph.  Let us look about here in the book of the world, that album, boon faithful man.  What are we sensitive to? I want to talk to a woman in custody.  Believing persons do.  Tight, smoof, Ben Franklin, the holdin’ back ophiled and identically true


Undamaged by a trip through last Kevlars.  Brick: in another one, not little.  your chest is heaving out, you’re hiccupin’, trying to get your breath.

Like a maven.

‘diosyncrisn’t _____________x2   diosuycrisn’t_____ mattresses _______preen

Amoccosan art inside of which eight ________all demotion.  The face and allighenur hod a demagogue bends, extracting our limbs?  for the last to want it over champagne smile in your pants


You need a Grady huge sag.  Play the junglest, prince of.  An NRA view washes over tyranny, uses a seven-month year on gun sales (pack ’em, disaster more package) come here, brother.

X doesn’t buy enough weapons, Colt.  Inspire in all your dust.

imagesCAS2LGURcartoon designs also P—U—L—L stats.



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