A Sahrdine Sardhine

one time plus beans silent. Territ,


I elegaic do dance.  the cousin availed.  Never the dust; whiz.

re edit or huzzah._____________________goes on to   ________Swivel

.  The robe like easy train sustainer pliggel anthirsty-first yesses

Greenwald’s point is proliferating is a specious argument and a mark on yours.  That is, in nine ninety-nine brushes round-robin with high-test, no actual speed.  You just worked ut buildings and handlebar moustashes in Mexico.  Menas was the ninie two the setting for mass destruction.  One stop



plut-marked because it’s the end.  Go cool back aout of gorn.  Out!  Min

Blood thirst is just a metaphon Plan: The thirst.  What’d it take, when does it stopHalt!  The core people.  What pierce did you bring strung out your wedding vows?  What did I

find free  what else did I find a molsen golden, these years I hopped the handles at 13.  I wrestled with pigment and lost.  If this was 20-25 years layer, these kids were believing the song that I wrote, the other “kids” I find distracting.  Now these little kids when they are grown up if they should bitch so sue me.  The ride didn’t cross it.

. . . what did find love ings?  Did your letter well.  Oh, because misery is up uh co nc io  ho rs es often the junk military humiliation sweep sure, kid What happened is why Joey Dodge is walkin’.  Throne Faye, Mr.  DeMille.  I already ate a clot.  Flop right here. In rhyme out of every patron walkin’s a five-dollar\\ bill.  A Five-O.  You get all that in your for fie bucks?

The gangtered.

ee, eye, green, ee.

Fonaftra a neat remembering.


But Thinks in its innocence wrapped up a fourth Mexican that terms come to terme termith,  No time, steeple. Do



rate skein base offa

contruen klee dic.

Sinking, losing it,

+ base uncolored,

Covers are clear.  You know

they’re there, even’s what: who.

I decide _______________________________________Fourth after you.

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