S/upy Tunantser

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Bill Paxton talked about geh-o-
ing insane, insane, insane, insane.
stretches words, “placarded”
rnight is eyes
plaque on, shift is on, Hen. Rollins during the games, if I’m okay.   Te

tehed is in the experts  ______stay the same ______jute got nothin’ to say

Nogales typo

x& moov me pick___3

visceral —>

examples ___not what we desire

Mike Taki-line

a scrum | travel


dualled is single: eliminate


false, right?


By processes–I don’t need to be like you–on it’s back in time.  Can’t stop, can’t stop, making you–Help me one

universe deserves monsters a play  these says you.   oldnew


2 Responses to “S/upy Tunantser”

  1. Thereelstory Says:

    Your writing style is genius.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      I can write normally. I need a ghostwriter, though, to produce my material indistinguishable from literature. I’m too affected by the novelty, too wound up in the phenomena that writing and proving chemistry are predictable. I’m interested in the unknowns such as posting the word comedian within a minute or two of Robin Williams death. I’m a prophet, so they have several theories. Raiding an event that has yet to happen by my consciousness for its eventual outcomes seems involved with mathematical laws governing the placement of uttered logic. If a statement is ground of a genius via inspection, it usually contains other permutations of these letters. Like Yoko Ono, I use numerology on people. Like in genocide, once I trust me ESP, I require dead folks to gauge my success. Among the other gauges, the thieving police and medical professionals are attacking me. The human races attack each other, and I am up against the corruption of the predatory failed state of Mexico. Mexicans are violent and corrupt the laws of San Diego by having half Hispanics on a very brutal police force, in an isolated island of willful ignorance among the public for the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, especially.

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