Emerson’ll LaMoce

Everyone should haell, in thir life._____Plug my parents

Two sword in the stones_____Your ass failed to grab a gun

on appeaser._____on breeze

At aggramorit it did go, and din go suing._____ what’s the next owe second-

You’re checkmated: a Poe aid_____wide multiplet tickle, pain tingle cider-

a dot atop equipment can’t be diagnosed DSM IV (psychiatric, fleshless)

instead.  be nice_________ _____________circum a oaf can read a certain mind Dorco’s in inbox

Rx _____Dinutia

Have you heard STFU?

Well, dinutia?

-Minutiae _____Endonesians

Select any taste of the government

close your knees, darlin’, is obvious tits you should never had.

each pin a nobel prize on, laudanum purple____you agree to the head when ya wrap it up because…

see that was pseudo-theory Dominick Dunne, now Dominique____the intoxicating


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