Davit Chart

In San Francisco

2 water to u warter drink un it’s hot up there,

Blow job I reckon–Cage.

Yer usin’ it.  Yer usin’ of, in 3-styles, stulby.2, tranced instills differenkle western rue.  /From cars

You can punk me, cum bottle head, be so long moved up ridiclus we could sodas 2x round one, to get to round baby Osbourne’s baby drive time*cirrous moon , befores.  Walking on it from your house.

*Philosoph want to say to you

welllove just give it time

we wrote it like it just per-

fect Venn what goes around

comes around like roses to Juliette, Vivienne Lesnick Weisman

as shart, just in case my suh Ψ science stays


He’s on 7-days head (I’m comfortable writing these backwards; right now these polka-dot notes come out of me being this decade’s Timothy Leary.  The meat of the sneak is the ‘Nineties’ who you tept at (MTempting)), so I free this paragraph I’m as old as to Yelo Jurnals 1 and 3, (Motto’s Jeri-Curl and Fcuk), let all yellow


furthers be rolling ads for hers, accept a dust of pseudo-proximate sense, sense we made strict to the dust of the dusts that were next, of us, the one set of toxic metals not pinhouse-deducted from…we were west of the wicked witch of the West.  Went gunning to the East, had ten bucks of salt to traefer Leary’s stash of Sandoz acid, so Leary’s spokesgriffins turned the Ca rubber dam in the mouth preventsali crowd away. It’s still stickin’  Kind of a crowd you…

What am I off?

been (since one) –

(are) Kilgoar ____I am

happy ______+__white boy,

parano _______iron man

dirty, it will now.  Reality is VIVIENNE and LILLIANA hashe

(friends, my regards.  Yeah, I fold ’em in when they come up since they’re women, and isn’t it something?)

We said our goodbyes, lovely Laura’s Poitras _____Hey______I know the cat.

[@david frum ] you by Jamie Kilstein

lost his mind ________(Forgot his book.  Now, settle down.  If I have to turn around, I admit he forgot to stay where a bookmark is holding a page,

dirty, rubber dam in the mouth preventsali sho–ee–nobody wants (The worst things compound  things for a lot of addict decisions) (him, hole)), unfurl/hole, stab, move underwear aside.  Asplode or suik coleman.  Now.  Get the guy “word” laid off 2009 witted 60 executions (I’m) not uptight.  Chron–I can’t chron, and what’s not cron?  More names word–have to concentrate.

I davit.  I daven.  cavort unrelated: Jasper, come on now ____________hitne


(You’re most unwelcome to even be represented here)

want to————-

must be like that


that’s what they say

the unbigger slligger home (yeah, you can’t be legible some throwback in  time, what you do is a shambles when one typo of the guy that wrote it, like the mind-boggling time to sort out a thing with a redacted typo…)

straight racist

contention about whether plausibly I already said that; but it’s too outrageous for even me.

Twice, boy, they got the beggar in that?  Nothing special, lubbered.

A fuckin’ criminoppy   Public Enemop Criminop







cripplin’ right up


Huey P. Newton

H. “Rap” Brown

Steel Magnolias

Tender Mercies


Rh PizzaBackwards Printable Backwards Alphabet Letter Sthe only way RuleZ

iLake Honey

Bruce Mer-

ryl is of fos

eddy Police Wo-.

man.  I don’t want to drop it.

Course with Mr. Nolte, mom, and Nixon bird

& Hush–we

might let you sing. {0} · {0} no

I think a no so one down.  You come back


two.   Nerve?______ roof
















Guy, Asher, it hurts you up and onside out rich ________Go Gwen

Steve Two or Requesl



Do you go book in Carthety bet hedged of colors?  That’s what trash does, and a malt is free when you buy a milkshake.  Uh, preposterous though precisely I write electric blogs.  But, you’re off being feted on your behalf. Behalf of, oh, all those.

Waterwood _________________________________Hollywood

From what less pivotal organ, should this reformation became obviated



really _________________apropos of reading along with evil thinking

want______________aliavle you really think no a pustule was well lively

Viv’s lovely, Viv’s.  Viv’s lovely old hat

want me to say, Godlike

CL ______this stuff

is old

Try the telly what tyne

claim-mine, as close as it gets to eyeing (unique up to uniquely glass, deem Chockula halfs)–I chronic,

ironic.  The less sound you hear

shood you lain, hear.

(} reggit or rebuttal, glossary, argument due.  What Re?  Refuting that the government is certainly made to attempt a murderous paroxysm set-up where the girl where’s her outlook made surely irritating.

Doing dongs Charleston

I look exactly the same as the guy, but on a modicus drees, and I don’t really like my own posts, just nobody

else has a website that lets you read.  Reading was part of free speech.  I’m in Study Room 316, with two workers talking to base on a walkie-talkie, but when they went to Ballpark pricing

consumed passions by night, restless murmuring too cute a stag film

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