It Can’t Have ‘Might Have Known’

Ten minutes of so-weez in Westin News, ensconced.  I had a thing for the world outside, I whined, it hurt me, I whined a

little, but my brother then took a bobby-pin on a rubber band, which from its dullness, twang meant a mess of meat on a fish hook.  I tell of her.  Sand, truth, all dauvers attack, since the invention of hardness for bone.  They’re all deciding what nineteen-four deaths: ²²²  all niggers.

Forescore, plato

Taking pen in hand

There was a shot

across your brows, Ed

Across your head, cross your bows

of us all._________sorry Taking pencil in hand, journal how it would slingshot there was a punk.  He’s yellow

president.______orio _________moved

Time marches on said feudally complete

set to rebel.  So

tongue sets the sorry come in here pace in

the fray.  Arigone

schoolyard.  Impos-

sible, dank, still sytocore children

in this school.  Dynagore.

We don’t have enough lath.  For Christmas-treed, this is not to one chance every guy, as each  have all explained.  I

Oh my God,

can remember your name.  Rip a paper man pah-pah-_____H_____one of the few on-toppers.  Expiring, aspiring, in the act of a-cycling.  Pah-pah-pah poke._____echo to anti-predict by first names; we only have owned so many.  Half by one, by.

escape____programs for them running things bow-legged


I shouldn’t have gone.  “Not gonna make it.”  Imagine to dorsal–door, sill, transom.  Vincent Price must have dropped.

A hippy chick wailed to support the love against the love using mouth in the hovel, then, Steve, (the customer), me, I

adduce segregatory taxes–what?–Tuesday it suttered, sublime.

be write it?  Few score…

Harvey Pekar the surly comic book writer who began chronicling his hum-drum life in 1976 Harvey Pekar imagesCAK5O9UZ imagesCANSHC7A imagesCAQEUVVG

Lee supported by Lee, terrible time like a gun sores time, time to run out of rope.

Riding along on a carousel bitumen steam reckon

To love Cuba_____we make it out of carbon sixes.

They barely survive.

Setsa cross maer now woah.  This monkey Pekar says roundel, roundness, rather Toolzall .  Ma, two

balloons in Father Vito Sarducci’s duos hands, twice–that’s aur + rophic, times is in average, it is iso given six of the roughin’ this, knave.  we got feud authority so watch out were comin’ through, in a sense leaks grow.

More from you.  This Don Novello fellow, okay.  Two times is now ti mes my replacement, KFLO ¯,

ye owns his understanded the wrong syllable by definition, may restore grammar on 3.  around here  underrate him minus glove it.  stend. i.  +.  __N______________________________D

The Christers  _______crusters ___discuss it ___+___T

I know Pekar assigns you.__________________________H


notion _____________________________________ D _______



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