Number_Nine_Number_Nine_Meet_An_88_erMovie Review The Maiden Heist

Ok this is NOT my washer but if you WERE to put dish soap into your washing machine this would happen

Ok this is NOT my washer but if you WERE to put dish soap into your washing machine this would happen

Welcome to choc’late down



La Jolla is one of my favorite places to snorkel
I don’t even make it here. The sufferin’ government leaves me with a sour taste. You’re not going to crack open my computer. And, I can’t see. Aureolas, is it these Google Images?

msg: bog: just 2: take heed: hear the call, brother: plop: LBJ general princ.

who can kill you crocs a few years old, senile, young, blind off tests heir spot of ground is in the line of fire from Napalm, moral about it for a split-second–What!!?–kick cactus.  Summertown white, red, blue geom. fold it drunk.  Screen, sapien.

archives 20 years old, ya still breathing–bring ’em.  Caner, enough dandies for Lent. whipsaws.

It was really light patter.  The dog’s version was prayer, really light.  Salt was really light rain.  Bruises were a really light curse.  Each of me seats  in image of another common action.  Semper Fi‘s.  Until Wednesday, when the Pit And The Pendulum blessed every one…

Google is not

responding, strap in, strap down (strap on?) not my size, phio “in”, back up one:  Hello.

A nothing limit, Tippi.  Used to be ahead of last night’s sleepy Steve.  Kandahar became Hodaks.  Rah Ether

How worse Re: could a get?___________I wrote to the statute-writer Feinstein.  Who votes?

A________________cquit_________See a quittickle root.

I laugh not because I’m not either a radical or a senile joke, it’s the fetishist San Diego tradition of never questioning our own participation to the n-th degree, jailing and causing us to wonder where the homeless disappear to in this city.  Assholes with fixed stipends are generally vicious, having no ability to stomach a person’s vissisitudes and flipping-up, to dial a person.  I’m looking at Manchester’s two big towers as the Library cripples my ability to blog, while preparing to ticket me at $1.20 a 20-minute period.  I cannot use their uploading, since Company City policy is rampant, 100-year genocide.

Those anti-free-speech laws, and of course midnight visits from  the cops to throw you sick into the street, are weapons added to the fact there’s no newspaper!  It’s been bought!

So, little old me’d be a pensioner then.  Oh, no.  I’m a Gray Panther.

I ben over at Osama’s house partying.  We had a blast by the Library’s pool.

You been making the coffee, some how, wiping the ebby shot his id-bulded professor

on the grounds you Read San Diego’s further seas whiz.

The empressor enslavd ’em side not for off-

making your secretary make your lunch half in the

Connery Carson  is Sinatra

kinds of a dead trees bit bagel.  Pickle nomoni

Litton rolls in powdere___ B9  _____________d sugar.

Hoff gettin’ geared  ten-years for a PhD?




Poor hounds theta that sounds durrong

the ristedces one after the other heat pauses.  We all each have trees of death, pause-synthetic

Double cipro the innocence of tubes protect

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