portrait, Shirley MacLaine looks just enough like a little Cockney Minnie Mouse _REHIRE_

portrait, Shirley MacLaine looks just enough like a little Cockney Minnie Mouse _REHIRE_

Shirley MacLaine Photo

Shirley MacLaine Photo

This cannot appeal to us naked, as the boyfriend. But, I’m not mad. And yes, this crowd in Wendy’s is margarine, and my last spaced speech was store-bought. This is just a writing experience, which is intermittent. It’s morse code at that speed. Startin’ lest Thursday, Jerome Pickett calls everything on the phone (I can’t see), alternating to me; I answered. You gotta give it a few hours


Jack Kerouac was born in this brown twofamily house in Lowell

Jack Kerouac was born in this brown twofamily house in Lowell

Oh, no, it looks good in the table, did he say, or the maple? Wanna go out, get him. He’s phoneback Costco by now, mulvie inside, get off Dorothy Provine, wat he said: The FBI, (weak ones) said a house is broken into every fifteen seconds, and they have a burglar-interpret intern spot. All it will take is you let us comment to you through a small sign in your yard. I hear a fake bird. Well, they’re electric. So, a(bout) how do they get charged?

That’s the bus.  Do’oon miss it.  The expository
“small sign” bold philosophy neuvo bare-whitney

to chakra leave bleeding.

Your time is the kind we don’t want next in.  Ticket.  Curtain.  “Angel Is The Centerfold” is run parallel am immunizing “all the way with a car” bry   is run concurrent, go-dust’ll gecko-‘kay fraught with unamoebic murmurry stebolit-talindabit, and his chicken nuggets still attached after a basic tragedy.  Big pain.

Maj. Brooth Plickathox “intoxicate me”.  I don’t like it.  So, anyways that’s wild Colin butter Is this annoying?  we’re dead?  Deter the buttcake.  My volume’s really four-third.  The volume of one sphere is really quire loudly declined in vivo craniat. Apart from Shirls, our individual smugness takes over, and I don’t pick Daddy’s snout.  Candles

javer om going up, fate [inadequate to knock out-pow-anything dealing with something I do not have, Uncle lariat the Wraithe uses imaginaries to weaponize, especially you lost here in bathing addiction.  I Larry set that aside.]* me, rafter bruce.  Booger looks, smell?  Smellover.  Stee!

imagesCAFOWOJFThe smell of her first camel edith sunshine assume be lathered (showered and then just fade away).  “I’ll not eight tolerate one.  I’m not eating it.  An apology.”  Don’t touch the mechanical ears.  Retard brother lives inside my head.  Livid.  He live inside.  A light spew turned us inside.  Matey aura.  Those two posts connected.  A loss of escape.  I usually set up base camp around a joke.  See what she sprakes.


I don’t know, Porky.


San Diegoville, mash shit.  flahball so f) whats–

d) deWilso

“all the best” is good with follow-through to the infinities; the insanities’ approaches depend upon Souxays recognition keyed a bit disabled, and any mistake is repeated.  Toot suite, eh?  Oh-ho I’m a Maurice Chevalier!  Douse meals, I caught one in the face.  Really in there, oh.  That really hurts.  Uma Goes into Osama and now comes out.  Is she in the three-level?



the heatherk- k-kiddin?  I amvetto “I’d be tickled.”

Every musical alert is a nerve-shredding thing; screens are paper, but “nearby”, when addicts shoot $2-300 a day–let me ask you something, is anything associated with all that?  Or, is the 18th’s associations aforesaid alone in literature, in with no consummate private (mojo, I need a repeat of Dad’s courtesy), courtastic advice, what I’m good at, what you consequently must avoid being good at, and is therefore on top of that rock.  Go get it, Kerouac.  Hear me?  You drinkin’?  And then look for a group of shanked old men in a beattie dree.  Not a fake one, all comin’ wobbles.

Hi.  Buy a joke?  what was a thrill, dirty.  what oatmeal jokes

He’s just cheap!



environment where most Americans live and work  James Howard Kunstler

environment where most Americans live and work James Howard Kunstler


a-righty throwing punches

forgive me What?  Do you grave?

San Join

johhh–oh–x.  You send out yourself to little-known beach publications and nasty.  Enter that.  eoln navier, I

I mean I don’t know ______________this much

for some reason ___think, could I buy, “me” heroin.

Answer glibHave a beatle. certain a guy’s not stupid–B&C, not.  GNS, the guy thrills to weekly beatings like Chicago caught ONE FIRE.    I don’t care what it costs you.  Damn right.  This is blue (almost immediately) in its brilliance.  Join the clash, squack back, unless you are not significantly paradise on two legs (a woman), because it’s going to be kind of a slim report, and, on top of that, organizing.

I am not on the jury to comment on your sites:

It was the use of “history” by U-T, which I am defensive about that.  You try you clear officers.  It’s your territory.  They’d like being brought back to life in San Diego.  Don’t mean to step on your toes’ last nerve.  They had dealt Rx drugs, two cops.  CHARPENTIER.  They’re good at that tip-of-the-iceberg cover-up deal at the local newspaper.  She has, “Had a history with …”  There’s nothing wrong with that.




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