Happen To It Whilst

marking tea off from mental byte and pleasant gland.  Had tuxedo



a lung

Hey A Supergon: one end of a docket of line meets the amplitude. ____crousley_____alandy  ____the people

take it copy you

P E R G O N E S 





D P L E S  U

For myself, ah, first tell me; into laugh.  I’m lookin’ buy I go through this & dernit howday do n’t like it I wish there were more light sex

with Lisa’s voice.  For there very more and 36.  In-sin may project root light if you attract it.  Test the direction you come around to losing your feet. 

 Don’t challenge them

Lezbik Cossack blurscar.

missed its club.  I stepping

jissom mafia scarier that it is

hairier though it

Nevermind_You_Are_The_One_They_Call_So Amp_Lining_L_C____ Lewis Carroll_Tarvin

Nevermind_You_Are_The_One_They_Call_So Amp_Lining_L_C____ Lewis Carroll_Tarvin



getting the famous_____waiting for the assange to select its all-crazy crazy right down to it’s a drink I tell about them wanting on television ylang oil they claim senator drank if not shone on by trainless, shipless you, Alice, screwed in next-to’s._____curtsy rippin’ out the sum-

mer underwear.  And jam Janesteen out.  Conflict not in order

Ellsberg–tourist–Bay Area.  Nope.  Fact.  You send off Brother Frank but [ wave form ] said a lemon and you pilot lemonade.

Back to standard infinity with Jericho comin’.  Yeah, I’m serious.  You knew I was going to be covered with hair on the knees blue & in there  ____________Ostrie How come you were in math doing ___+_ if you were insensible?

Conflict Existence After Your Day

Orgasms how you couch the terminology with reindeer over Scott’s head lugabrius  weeping cadaver, only louder.  Poking you around “here” spurgeon When forwards as A Leaker The Mighternie jisspop poligeors.  Do a tape midninght maybe we’ll do that next time (Ford let’s Mopar in on a line magneto).  I was there.  Awed.  Walked through.  boss ne’er do.  Third igh I see one I’m gray-haired.  Came back.  Ha-ha-ha.

I’m only gray-haired.  Now, what came like Dad?

all right all right I got it

prison your memories

that’s all that’s left you

how terrible to be 17  __________How could you elect to get in  there with your ears covered by a blizzard of chads?

Simon and Garfunkel


bookends clamp and then they’s her

gather ’em up J-god, Jake.  That Archie’s ace, Jesus comin’ out.

S___H____B ____M____A____O____F





move is represent, live that

crazy soft vowel: sing it.

fate is the juice.  pemoline

harmol–they only do skids, I’m always thinkin’ all the time, scaoing, “Now, the minor gash she’s strong in.  Well, she gets.  Just like a

bathin’ beauticketty-diddly, he’s wants;” somehow I knew the plan, prorated my grandpaw the 87.  They never shooter he’s me why creator handbite me they word to a Mom, heap up close.   They’re underground, thus.

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