Rah-Rah Mako Cup Vendettas

laguna Niguel
here I come. Alabama.

5th_June_1979_Sheikh Zaki Yamani_Saudi_Carlos_Water-Ballooned_Den_Go_Left

5th_June_1979_Sheikh Zaki Yamani_Saudi_Carlos_Water-Ballooned_Den_Go_Left

gonna one-finger on the pulse



You servin' the pancakes on this one.

You servin’ the pancakes on this one.

Life_Is_Too_Big.  That_you're_Branded_Across_The_Pockets

Life_Is_Too_Big. That_you’re_Branded_Across_The_Pockets

You have the right?

Pfizer has a trunk of red-blue isolators…

essure hand on.  Me?  Anyway, don’t cavit, yes.  You.  Contigo, now hook on the special bear teeth.

Wear 'em big yall

Wear ’em big yall

01dsget chold ve record old tickets advanch I need money ir sho people in the military ot thing up ground of towe witalwin of course sugar-free everything you see is minor kid, be pettit-bourgeoise, PLUS we’re at four.  Release the ’74 at 4.  Smoking Huey lifting off is 1._______nervous

why because blanket common-there’s too much stuffing?-corps and gobel piss-yes, that’s what it is-my remind-did you get your grease?- sick-come on-lucky phoned.  Now, how was Stafford and his shire supposed to add sweet bristles growing in the fjord at 3 Thames?

Sick Lucy phoned in the complex.  She couldn’t get any peace from a-intern.  That wanted to eat her- a salad.  If you could read…

recent book and I __haven’t got the slightest

was resolved

the saddest rake

 just shot it

In the aptivis is run on a plane.  Above is sill, no?__________demmos

pto power take off

words, now don’t policicize p__1,x its “ring” half.

Blister___listen (off _____)

h  t o x i c

you really hear me typing, wordpress.  Why I really get respected for my word path, here.  I mean, there’s timeline, chain bring.



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