@NZN Ninnybog

What is vous passion? P_RLC_S
404 And Isn’t. Fair enough, the Sea Whiz, get this


civil penalties

my own government.

are you big?  Grab a steak.  oobie-doobnie

can’t hold old ooh-win bofe hance as it roams in his vehicles

gorith cats eatin’ in a fancy dining

all the way with a car.

a hump


Yellow Jelloulies they took you away . . . what book?  A cure the doctors evident

north to prespark

a (Waylon) if everything’s gone.  I do love him.

I got fired from Wal-Mart.  They say I stole five hundred dollars.

Okay, taken in that context, I’m what you deserve.  And, practically, I mind them they point up my cheapness of artificial pearls.  How in the world is it possible to let they, thay-ah, you have to do it.  And, grounds for assault.  You are so much cruelty, under a microscope is slipped.  You have to stay for, the same day sober.  At Home Depot it’s graver, inturn in look accented your dick with sauce.  But, they ride it out.


victer this tyne fist strikes doesn’t hurt nothing could go wrong?  Anything else?  The right predator (has got it) to dare shit pedia dash it.

Kanga down our edges, crew.  Muse is art roof, pink.

(Let’s) Take care, from said Dr. Sanchez.  Aries must have reason to left his side.

Eliot don’t repeat I’m on the tayfair bag sam santhez adams swain jenny prod it. Register how elope.


Aries heave it.

Sssss!  Fake shotal ______Give me them.

whatere it_____________proper Zeus bag

proud mary you have $ to do.

H was barely in LAUG

all for H?  pocket-

calculate a list of be screech

A van set over a manhole cover how escape plan billing-

hurst virgil library’s poot; the

meaning of man in 75-80% Heider manhole covers, settled

the meaning of line-up in  ‘ding in windshield’

power satiate is up

semolina uterus







2 Responses to “@NZN Ninnybog”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can the octet rule be used to predict the product of a chemical reaction? What kinds of things would have to be considered to predict the demands/outcome of a reaction? (sorry I need help understanding chemistry xD )

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