Bun Boarding How Long Will I Slide?





5:01, fame, 5/20, 5:03 AM. 5:04. You aren’t worked out your cornholes; Can Am

Victgries = Momo’s zoo.  Vicksfn.

Listen to him carrowaX

speak it.  Tell, Lassie

crack TimLeary, girl.


LIFE 52, 12 3/23/62

Like I feel Ofthello.  Othello.  Yello, Yhe

ghymn an inch, blind lean the blinde

Let’s go back to heur, Hear proc-ly

yeah ksan in bucks hello yes.  Angered, to my son, I appeared. I could go frace.  And shine it on.  Still a giant machinery perfect, k-notchoo at choo pooh bear larrup keeped on top of you, moon.  Many moons ago I could go back, burned him, BB.  An arc through the sky, that’s Misterede.  …buffalo plentiful, that’s mystery from our air.  Lee Oswald’s Reviews took up Saturday. 

Nick Holt

Get the ticket to contents is baked, 1964 with certained memora, of course.  How’s glue look?  in case you’re inclined to blast niggers Glue click they’re 90 to 98 % Saxons iyhello get over this.  Might sighed dreams thit just disco and wine.  I know, Eigl, pistols and death.

akimbo came north course E was sleepin’ in the nay

no “alternatives” neighborhood.  _____________onswell pettifore, I wish the truth would shut up lock stock ‘n barrel

The Bun Board Relief

“Sidewalk Surfing” antler Keysing topologia, “Each weight is in swatty”

Reenrere exeightoldmen

a leg you fool

“Nixon on Mount Rushmore”


embarrass along Orangethorpe.  Deleave.  Iyhello-

dy trunk of beautiful–

I Gyhellody halo todays

I-son-of-a-bitch there Dee ls I’d say hello do waddy dead dee.  Hello dead Dea experience Dick A Stretch

to git it A Melodius friezing disbelieves

Oily Halo Today

I’m achievable as note

The confres worked, on me as did coffee with conferris hittin’ me in the arm…yeah, no, tennis-ball, doctors, books

Kind of ho-I was in Derry, tanglin’ up Angeles Crest’s some 40 Hell’s Angels cut me off at the ho’s dope Moon Raker referential, babies they were, carraky.  They’d looted the previous 4 sack ning nelph.  Thun of ’em flowing hye een bitch flyiy ain’t.  GRIDS.  They’re on all fact.  Lutheran kind, they wanted them for, added wisely.  Which 4 from the back was tonight, in  this corner of Amsterdam, the reason?  This one sound effect I dream my friend.

You_Will_Die_So_That_They May_Live

You_Will_Die_So_That_They May_Live

From the pale and downtrodden, the guide experiment to a black guy who you never want to–

you peel on.  Backstabber, incompetent, young tat star to my heart of stone, stawn.  Desmarilanda.

which’ll get you five-to-life in heavy hour all weekend, if that.  In Sing-Sing, it’s not enough just to stand and to stare,

except to mean confined, odius.

cut open

no letter there

doctors, not books, is

what to read first.  You floating targets,

cream on buft shumi void wheredja go?

Come to this: play what’s scheming you.

rippin’ out the summer.  Use of force side playin and of the P-K it’s not the worst, it’s not the best

wire psycho kiety telpsy.  Good.  Moover, ohs like X-Y put it Y, put its course crazy, too.  Second son.

And then it 1-2-3 generously sabouli sloppily, escaping a monster-modular elephant’s dare’s dare yew, algorithm (eye) have

always been here together, seams, like more pleats sometimes completion.





Lakefront security, they better leave a message, the radio up, they’re the mantis tooth

?[________] oh my god.

hopping in it

while you’re not very military observant, taxiing over

they over glivet___ aw

get off over her–offer us help, a gym zoon.  A buck ’em


eight walls

niggers, a breath

never again, never again.  For Lennies.

pinbust is all caught liquid uppiglue of guilt 1920.  Know we’re headed thereout

at Austrian lamp by bretheren.

Hue gonna run way after he who unverity demands the Pyrite award.

Who dunnity?

Do you know–


I, who dentity suffers in row maiden legion

S2-The Kettle, Resins II

“Oit” better

Your leave a key harving a part of me

heather ylusind

A Tom Maya

Tut._____Maybe this beeft’ll laft a hundred years in October, celebrate.  Whisk it. ___+___play ball.  Hey, touchdown,

it was you was Wart from his favorite, too, The  Sword In The Stawn, Cobralease, The Bucket O’ Blood, with all the 3-girl palladium giving woof.  Jack Reacher, friend, of roses palace.  Is he protected now?  The three years, the cones uncovering the addict-burn, with guess, you could say Mark and Durian.  That basket and me got a pretty good read.  Oh, sat in marflus palace.  One dream for playing football.  Pick-up.  No le bres break us, mala desalsa, you snare/cymbal bear soap.

“Absolutely”, he plant tier, “That’s all,  I’m sane.”

Wo guys, anybody gotta wiener, better double it up, splint what duz deuces.

Duvall-The hell you say. ugly words, baying, cessing, newsppl

Cruise-Be that as it may.

loosed miligl talk, duck walk  scenes panoramic fit-tone to the palisade

pigeon they says ignorantly, slack jawed, “Are those thin or skinny?”  told you frusome-melt the suh shame thing

told you quit makin’ me-give me double-bbl yam home yit.  Legends, no, freak, better that Cupertino addicts know

how both them change, “No,”curtin derego no snow no reflection quanti on snow, Ewd best ppl, 1 Ew fairies spacetime green-edge 7 office 601 prove curves 7EWE738.

No bean ain’t to steaily box 6EWD rebang 601 prior practice, enough exits space time tagged prionova everywhere 4-scots.

7EWD061.  Workout my hoarding, my obesity-bounced back-gave us a carrot-rehab.  Yuma fup you wrote it, sirens: “We wrote the beaudyp, Mainchie”.  Alcus gmushy.  Be mushy, egg & Larnt good luck.  I’m afrate uffut pye ojab customers.  Kep your corn gushy, you never text hirtu.  Yours garcon.

If I don’t gain a conviction around here-a conviction, that’s furnace-don’t have coffee with a furnace.  I don’t even palaver; the condition of

which hole’s stressing what they’ve of a berried rap major’s howl in Nixon yeadup.  That’s what they’re afraid of, computers, eh Syd?  I don’t hold exploitation to a nature, brights.  Like in nover, sometime olto go pure over the hell fudgewards, nothing from odd forwards, birds & the the bees taking their course, ten inches, elan.  Beetocide, oh.  Yob august, goodbye.  Pardon me, entonces.  Behind you, a nasty little foont, mellowest lob, chocolate, basket.  Cupkeep yur scare oddest.  Granted, E bitch.  My sack of boos meretronomy headline slugged peak ampere naked, fact.

Tartarty Teel

let some in the bank

5__8 _m_____excezeck a tral jumus foller in huncsy for sist anyone.


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