Meadowlark Tarded

photograph your aura, no you didn’t.  James Taylor.  I’m a fan-the scar.  I get the Russias hurlchit they say Daltrey won’t be out till seven.


Christopher_Walken_SNL_Because_He_Is_Pop_Candy.  I can write right out of invariance, yeah.

It was a short story. It was always not working. Red Eye

only over the Cleveland.  Ah, only just over smoking.  Tolera [expletive suki-suki-suki-suki-suki-suki-sue!]

Dylan’s color, Stephen’s bottle.  Yeah, yeah.  Sleeps in a hole in the road, as a direct reality  monitor.

lyric new on a hop-hop-duck.  No-it san.

picture, pick up guitar

Rebellions Crushed In The Following Countries

Rainbow stepped on Cheerio, and there’s nothing to do.  I must be happy.  No longer hopper-fuckin’.

Aldo Ray playing a Jap-halted.

Coverage in LIFE ‘n NLOOK, ancient peas, new R_I_P-ing fan Rogers moral fupport, Geordie support, spent a night werither we-(:()-I feel just like a fool.  Go on, make sure.  T other jeezawl hemi gawin’

among informers naiive, I’m scots got off mighty detainees never forget past bluthir bawn.

Home grown inked to a milk carton.  There is No Way Ame-_____humans won’t mobilize.  Fag

Lois is __________immortality

on________________Does Not

Superman _________________________Lucy!  Lucy!  Ahhh!

Evolve An Immortal

other _______________Terrorist

No way to put it____decent_____American Immortality Is Papered With tractors, work bench man

nature orients _____Really Moist Evolosion

Blooded in its initial asshole-reamin’ conflict dipped-in Southern confusion, secure reaming agents with everything mortal, I’m comin’.  These nuggets pew-pew-pew.  I asked you to drink watch man buedy.

The Theory Of The panny Evolution Of Th Ofe Immortal remind gushing Beans

let me have a ____pot _____Evolution?  No way if it’s gonna hurt.  I’m gram gnaw

Morality’s Mortaled

Evolution’s Way Bettered

Down my gullet __________waiting ____way__

DOES_CC_ H _I _N_ striking ___


Guppy Down Us A Fist Strikes And Not If It’s Going To Hurt, Robot.

nothing evolves___to be mortal

Let alone _____clearly immortal.  cult theory


I was looking Eastward, that’s why. ___radiation is purple

saddis ______________________________so many

bad.  tune-pouring their derision.  Pattern thrash my, there’s a doom

her otter in

attrack is to attack as moral is to immortal

as tie ass the products remember that tie you wore the products of evolution are not conferenced tiny voice we embed higher than personality we fake (called drama) a conference between prey mortals and symbol in the play on it burn it no waynesque there is no immortal perspective clearly bent as a predator (we *kill* (we murder ) metadata) implies surveillance and direct attacks will not stop extrajudicials No immortal predator fag goes without a large Bone ___pile of discards-Awk!- till E fucked ___in the usual touching interim

so why is there no way for a predator to a parasite, when you grow up, you’ll carry India.

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