Where O’clock To Victory



“I’m not Howard Hughes,” said Robert Blake-“Bang!”-to his cockatoo were caln, aheam impression-I always cross yer-Baretta you was gawbled. Thank-you maammunition. I am going to ate her out. Wise box I was told. Calm. The same thing on purpose (immortal) conflate lem (you can’t. Problem is it’s not curving away there), confate confat confa conf

Here’s your bear: one AND/OR time were sennnanced.  Exscream.  Would you elect to stop composing,

backwards, forwards.  You can’t tell everybody eight colors.

backwards, forwards.  You can’t tell everybody eight colors.  Why would I={r,n,h, somebody’s i}, be a letter?  It’s be an old surprise.  Revenge pay them back, scurrilous.

strawberry dear swab bewwy I made it; Have To

Make Methamphetamine.  How Haz To Take Methamphetamine overtop the evolution of Him.

Pissed off two tonight.  I’m going home.  Well, you’re walkin’.  This is gay-guy’s city, sinner.  You musta been born soon, alluding to a

roof-peck aperitif chewed off in that miracle hiota fye ATT & T  goons in that hump I {A} hump, do they?  Van Damm, Greco-Roman around a keyboard, cooled with a rating not to exceepty plugs.  Tossed-out ought’nen truce.


Where To O’clock Hum Too To Victory____you got some

get out of here

powdered coke

gum toward

honest scolding

you told, excellent.  Almost cute.  What you want.


don’t you touch muh

you got some on you

wrap it up.

Apsadul is me once distinguished for Its atmospplric Tetris (move the chain) Fuzedney AND That’s because I don’t use tained it in the donut hole.  Remind me.

Howard or a writer with a partial older thing will fuck board past there’s any…complex you mounted, whiney esses.  Add a basilisk or I’ll stoned me

If the word is long enough the end ova can’t hear me.  exhaling, exhaling finished although one saltz is permanent, germaine, the boffo foot is the manner of rotty kinds of you they don’t need, quick to self-distribute you hungry around where you said.  In a quirk, amedial OR antimediforn, nro, non-criminality reserve base oink.

Turtle diet mentone animalzir get on, however upset my soda, AND/OR art-stop caricature.  Africans, Watusi is.  Wait’ll I span Rio’s commm over my desktop.  Would you settle as you need to drop it clear.  Carbon base, it’s only one day.

Polisty fido for skimmed up and foes boiled my letter open.  In a helmet.  Anti

Fido for (guilt, radial out boning I guess one for all sexes, execute me from this planet) foes boiled, ha?  “Anti-fido for-?” (very calm shattered I was typing for.  Lovely Rita Meter Maid, composer ____, hum, _____, bum, filling a zipper sound, “for a larf”, they meant to tell you.  I’m ___ markin’ tea off.  Shoulder roll it; butcher, you said around.)

Took Mars too, in analogy he’ll monitor null a bit, “For–not,” he said not; “I’ll not either tolerate one.  An apology,” weakly covering check until third place.

A __R__H__E

not really true what you’re sayin’, I ammit a city of urban scale

A lot of times push come to shove.  False that ahold of substance they could put the middle shove hard.

Pro _____________who’s looting SB

one woochis __


one which is ____Fofo’s

form of poison

ie what Ri, Fo

U I __R N O F


Fester & Fester

But-better at archive week, J.B.

float at arisona cal nil scale at this maamification’s sweep rate order of (tolerant) eternals Na-suit pick one we are green amber who’ll pimp not these reducing the five citizens occupying everywhere I go, for these children rate around woods.

at twice this scale.  Oh, I have illustrated this, I’m not trying to do more than loop magnifying past when it would easily seem out-of-boundary.

order of impassive octave-eight


left spansule zig-zag (card) linearity (flying card), when we got out, they had ’em.

at this magnaric x,y,z

breaks up into islands zoned

_not head möbius mauve it (plum).

Do run from a drug biopic tghey’re both in?    Ali McGraw stairs ho these nuts Lauren Bacall, I keep them down, fortunately, I’ve ran out and bet it.  I Reading I Ching Kerchief

E’s stuck in your blowhole?  Freak for-oh, the junkies, all emerges.  Read on, uh-huhm, seems like a nice carom-off, 7-apology, I’ll dangit, I apolojize, algoright glue glue lighter shut.

Burroughs could write stoned I assume.  And then out-indemnify actuarial solari ‘kay all

parties.  Never Mai.  Stripped in yon buff comparisabel rough I couldn’t even flex.  I can

openly eat and say grace, the years you say my breath was months though sapiens who looked down my tits drained it “first”; I so-be-it cookitay dammy retard-discussions, ’cause you’re thinkin’ aloud we’res troops massacred Aberdeen cause a movie face.





2 Responses to “Where O’clock To Victory”

  1. afoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoafoaf Says:

    can swiy tell swim how someone would avoid making dexedrine? or is swiy to preoccupied with daily life?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Someone who loves you very much and who is turning you into a hard man to whip, would turn you someone barking over the range of SENTENCES, bubba. Lil’ guy, as I wrap my paw around your pencil neck…do you want to MAKE D(R)(?) amphetamine (“Dexedrine” (c)), emphatically, no! I can do that,I ain’t somebody whipped either, except for my time in the nuthouse, I’m free to impart information. I got five on it. Ice time! We do not encourage proper sales of anything but this blog’s title’s compound; we all would mess up on the tight is PSYCHOSIS; amp. Your order’s ready. It’s just easier. Tough it, lesson one, chemist. AMMONIA substitutes for the METHYLAMINE, do not drain liquid ammonia which is keeping rare bull’s semen alive. You see that? The concentration to useable levels for practical synthesis must process water (out). The question, thanks a lot.

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