KFC #1 Tarry Checkering Worlds

“What is the color when black…sky is blue so is the sea when black is brown, what is the color?”

Whenever it puts it pick-a-pick-let, it’s a tick0ff to the music, from all that Buffalo Springfield faults Amend. #2 (“it’s a lie”), to psi, you don’t go and say goodbye.  New science is assumed, I know the pain is double, is Cyantist__________Is that why?  Refusey Mezziz period.

I have some embedded math expecting to fly.  I could wave goodbye.  `Tis purple book, if k-fif-it could fly ended with a  cry.

the locally trivial less known time emitter is a pen to being buzz.  I recycle burning ebb

speciaraphy andigar seal I got the news.  Vigor E rate.  Beat ’ems Tex a gere (gere grail error terebess one adam twelve) (∪) and intersection symbol (c), and that’s all; yes. I would take out paras and said “feeder” nucleotide-computer (RUBY) it’s Classico-dependent pendent coffee; my wrist goes in that.  The cover of highly classified I ring up as $7,000 we could have a relationship with outer space.


goof onned.  Arnold la ne pf Floyd a special problem for you, Ruby?  Ruby felt herself heating up in terms of things he had never told.  Crummy. 


Sore leg wail, maybe that Rx fate Dramammine it’s for seasickness.  I’ve been burned so many times before.  Crispy receivered in to the extent of the day, Dopplered to an album.  She’s so bashful she won’t put anything but a sheet on.

(Terrible covers ) (∪) ( my alienism (back side, khu is the tst, interval in spacetime st)) is only unique enough fum thay Aicention orb Ritties.  U can assimilate cardhouse sanity peeve gone p-cable foam, looky-bells used to ring the human rights for a time, we mention anachronism.  You send your eyelake eyelids liquid to find your face, Allen Ginsberg so right almost suffix had.  Now we can be more honest with ourself in this world, yellow 011001.

you write the infi

a Saturdays

on a dark meat excerpt safe a prodigy (especially nothing more jointed)

sound systems_________________ARD

Altous Frimmard I do intake air over teeth-a headache- (make “me” say dinner’s unexpected rights of the drag U) head (cow’s outie cockroach, most people inverse), n-vertex I’m ( sense-making  ) getting.  Almost roughly had I netted hair don’t let it rough me up-ek-I’d not had you bent. retsiS over a stove.  Sense old turkey-neck don’t North Vietnam.  Freak, Normal Vietnam.

This is nut as hell, McCaffry_____we’-e-its-_____Tku off’n

easy _____oww _____occu- placemat _____get ow’d _____der tiki

what are you here for, lee chopper. pied.  Ugh  Big burns__how f’summah

to shave with her _____Atsa Sirrah _____yesses _____alicey _____Krishna retail

composition brow ditch compizent tirrix amm snap acapul pul. add*

<-cv my last tab debu safe it debu double-U dyne.  splash adieu yob

like it in the carbolic shock in it bomb what you juice what I’m, one you choose, one you create in parallel theory, lookin~

Be aware of weird to me, I guess you could call it reality, referring 420 copiesso go (?) no merric on dope temporal-lobe epilepsy. 

span gel can ran sllllrug


fault the magnet a dozen what magnet set snebbiat phonon wort (devious (devions discovery) I OHIOd)

pig say greater than how you say it, you.  soap, salve,drawers, enough for shade? demede-

bozrezebe in abundance (big can * my Daddy ownality) foreign tangleize for months D’oh.

timewises out of ignorance part of it.  Do root.  Mapping diamonds.

Omnipotize, you’re so damn.

destructive, buskirk one of us stays hey you threat discovered a place artillery camp helicopter

‘the Russian crews’ heliodor fantasy living out Algiers

Burroughs create R U lookin’ 5 / ever saw a uniform ~that look like due’s.

powder blue listen rustle-

text @has2aboard prosecutors of two attorneys.  nothin’


broken-sheet pebblean. sit Have a Tab. I’m Syd.



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