Are All Huts Created Equal?

We Are

Are All Gorgeous Whorehouses

Created Equal?

We’re together on everything but time’s illusion, its wraparound effect of lines is added, “add” to tweak while I manip this prior to six.  I’m to improve {A} together, impassioned more than insightful, so it (we), solo and do not fault with sympathies as cocksure as the technical intricacies which make a nice failure.

Steve said, “It’d just be anyone who said it–opposite to the trip”; cojoin intensities (to be a young cop, be a young cop), bloodlettings`aut-o.

aut-to.  Absolute shivvy   I came because narration’s never been ignored by prey

Bender sai says go ahead snotmatter

says po’ folks (like me), could let you mariju-

ana phase upward, to see the tanky (time) is.

I mean service (money) to me, absorbed,


a tank farm.  But, it is in a verbal tiddly, such

that one tank is #9.  A large chunk of time

with me in it, causally sheeted with elevens (just lellecope)

(thw, twh, wth)

put me a whatever, non-compound by (squeeze?)

5, those 5(3) caret, ah, frequencies five and sixth I’m on (Fox), charact-

ered, pasture represent manifold (Moduli in the script, error flag (a z))

differentiated, anew a cut mauv-uli bet 8:5 add a playstation

we, Burroughs and Noam (kuraku wants it ‘Nam, we’ll be showing women

traces of your tests)

Once it does this, and we are married, I–

Old England Better Jest Shove Off At Harvard Has Been 354 In 1990

Old England Better Jest Shove Off At Harvard Has Been 354 In 1990

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