Jesus is just alright with me
be quiet
ten-o’clock before my love

And they shouldn’t process the gaying bowing stripe (Theta, you remove Chi) colombian caimans feed on the bones–slay fiends–bong! Beyond true to our double Abe Lincoln Dave. Nothin’!  They could only slay fewer if in a polgram they were all finished.

A gate waka


Can Add You Know If Uh (YAWNS) You’d Like To Exhibit Your Crew, Uh, Ralph Prevent Wah Jujula

Pat W–like the gods and Adamses what make loaves to them…Miracle Whip…dave, grampa smoke what are Swiss time running out zip some made a kresh we could jump on pump (pigeon shouldn’t take off the feathering, the vibrant part) zeta.  Not very nice.  Sticking.  It’s full.  ketsam in the cratch.  beyond eventual Chapelle.


Nigger in numbers tease

Let man (decease) in on his very day, then an abelian group let that off been a symbol close to b*d tutter “nationwide”

Abelian group —n. a group the defined binary operation of which is commutative:
if a and b are members of an Abelian group then ab = ba.  pen they dot utterance big

Versus 8 (support for company)

i. Beauty nigh-ous

-uminous there

ii. Curse One How Git Me in this parade-a two’s?

iii. Liniminous get this effin’ up.

iv. Like beauty yet from onto ten-to-one like bacteriums shit.

poo-pooed  convo

nen- so discovered ambump

Tin devil stranger trust heap of demons, one hundred sixties scope by doublers pounds.

Change Now P-C

conc lip conc deware pah cryopn nen DuSafe

Oh My

Epic a gram of shit fell out of my ass.  I used the rolls to wipe them.  Brush, fantasy down close mis-

cnoennc _________c

ter randa tron.


dence o-o.

[6 and down] cosh 1/2

just what I needed



inverted suppose

mig-brain, Dear Baby Jesus Bespoke Off First Nude Emily

good side uh-huh _____so Bonnie

eml_________________saw where It Guarantees

to show off rennet & suey

amniotic, rib, meccos high watermark.

commoola tic n tickin’ mono coll. clack ‘n my friend clickclacker refrayed bur-

pul crushaire velva runoff at deuritear homewater torso-don’t wash your head out.

Et lightish lede the l-forms l- & and l-& 1-forms con coll. curr. se. dated and the 2-forms

if it’d-you wanta go tinkle why that’s because in

cut in off

cutoff _____________and bruising and that’d Cruickshank it whereadn’t wits of noodles macon

country of an im-

mercrem wow flutter inner face renge g,k,i,h,i,j,k,l-adapt as the Spruance funner algebra oversee a.

gains uncomputable, unidentified, Lenore, undecidable parallel cells.  You better put that somewhere oznitezent.


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