You pick up this floor–
habit, pick it up–
with your bean. before me

that’s not your purpose.  Tails, drink.  Thanks for not falling, president.

sweet your arms


mex___| ___sailors are dispatched

migrate___metrosizing, why, and doting?  Wyandotte

ha like unlove me, I’m a window-peeper!  Make you laugh, cunt.

Ed is dead.

_________Long live ebbed, seriously treat the no-fuck ’ems wong.  Castle Radifor*  pinkchute and

all you’ve done.

stripe on the back of_______________________________Facts.

cocoon, elder other  Mardi Gras the urine-stain swimsuit, welcome to costumes_____trellis

all you’ve ought to be’s slight.  You can see your bows  ___technical relisting ___not an endpoint for masks


Visscious Iden_tit_y_____readread on

*wantchies________________________they that-them

you’re not a ba supposed to do-like ba ba_______Wa you why you wa bwoke

Claimed to de tight in  with Safeway.  I don’t get my usual pack ofs in pinkland like I do Pepsi, and I prefah huge tits, buttocks and watch them.  Jaccents where it’s dear.  Rye lee cool loose loosin’ peak solar incidence.

off the books _____stir-fried ____turtle, I mean–____Lightning Bug to Hemi 4-barrel, semi-say Ford, E wanted sex transform what it-something what it R should’ve said when the earth moved that was my face into fever; this girl sort of ____ in the butt.  Starting this week, tuchic  tuchus be will eat you, stop leakin’ secret cx.

your brain looses fragmentary bowls, what crawls out says yes-yes with both houses of the losing argument, winner accept?


iota ___________________________minor rubbish- __________coming in port

es cunt


“embedded”._\____those who had more space

_| to ___\back

Pete W.___warn_\__me is

a moarsmile. clam ___bowed

clambone, casie Casey’s

rhumbaed bahd  The bomb-

throwered.  Have a 100,000 whistles

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