Hack Ball Soup


______My 2010 can_______________________________________________________

my 1970 how look 80-foot I’m sorry.  TIN REGULAR tin trogate occurred, in line, radiget adjusted, eh.

Def’n different names_____old one calif. busn. bureau

medical billing Monrovia I don’t have time for my boss, king.  Ho Chi Minh, rock.

I owe from July, July torture ashes.

62tesy muster

dealt setbacks, a blowin’-can we-punk-Ari furry furs-desert island shatter, a trive ol’ comp Pez knocked flat._____the good bock

crack bob {A} are a way of witch.  a no w-sep company & are you aware of what chose to end?_____wears a mask____she looks like

‘Stephen’ magna carol Burnette, it wears me out.  Gros Ahft cozy faln found out

New York Times then the Daily News

A wipes out B, Y wipes out Z, till my system’s out

is that a kernel?  more, isn’t ammo an ice age comin’

prednisone chest bumps along the bump



Steve Zahn

Steve Zahn





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