Alcohol On F.D.R.

Oh you little hornito holonomy, little nail-spinny eff
gack ack back rumble zed we hate sophomoric toothpaste
Oh you knuckle-nail
or, you knuckle pussy fishnet tension forelongs
slarotsap elmbialus roughly chowed you want I get-c’nai-so they
louise doubly garmbling under sauced airported light dissap-
youse guys (ppls) pussy they combo actually, several degrees
less homicidally go to get off your lover’s not your friend
story obverts-O made a car fire bomb red Spartan one of a
bitch. A human bomb.____smock

a light bomb

located because of leaving out what must be false

on that hero flicks it.  You chuckles

I get doubles out of rolling pussy,

until the soggy cardboard side mamma unition


time’s arc rise may pool love darked fiber bundles for the trade of open redictum

maybe use it like a thing in flecks with only one clear transit

____Q ___________order q ____tto prove they are light

uu-c__abouth is time____I

2nd notes algo re fine fancy________no hussies nal


get one it double use

sprekka________________out of skank kurshie

Gumm Trette sweater.

pink sweater y’geep takin’ it off.

sinus Mrs. Deveraux now

lock repin oh now pin 50-month RS how the tats’sie

whatere do come TRUE

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