A Book: The Book Of Boxes

start to save our country you too and quit shadin’______lalkc


stic ______shandelier ______Gary not Jerry, the King?  Who work past our country Are you 37? 



in ^




far away

people heard him say ______balls in _____“Come back!”

people murder say now______and now

tackle his spanada ______puttified __l-spiral ___parallel chimes

Krishna chillin’ long hoople taj ______book


like Dane Cook and Creed Boonies with



looking naughty

s.______My vocal cords’ve been cut.  Large bet.

Discussions with William Randolph Hearst, not that Party Girl Patty


Hanoi Jane. ______scoops miscounted hold out your hand they meant you to get anything if you wanted to guessed the number of jelly beans in the jar. ______Tried. ______still can’t ______turning he’s rapidly or pure lubricant you know what I’m saying? __one

I ___U___D___T

confront ______crucifive


on nurse ______it’s in the car viewed with possessions

DAI ______ before today roasted on here (al Thinkin’ on Andrew al)

is it a guy whose fronted roly-poly billinghurst presented retainer a shirt back

4-21-14__orb of J-L,

cut so sphered.

so was doubt.  A goodsies got a bomp 45 you let l

stucted pedal pressure.

Y S I H I A R T O ____Tinker to

S I T N A S F O W ____The Marquis

A G U S H O N S P____de Sharto

Y W H L E C E C I ____Hint ___Beefer

O I S A R E A L L ____stiff B-B-Bee–Smiffy



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