Messiah The Recital

sorb here’s article conflict you lot
the wise airstream
a rowzooka
poon in restrictures
ettasnail lessee
on don’t ever held meat porter hells deservant


B L O N__D E

S I L V E R _S I L K S





a n d


Harvard Arnold


why found


Colorado I

Republic _Panama___chicken

wen I steel my hsotgun faim office foreign assets control blight-

er recreating start neer starts, starting.  deck I hope in 4-16-14

leave me’s room

error for lem-

on slick on a back tires own play it off a jump-down the jiggsup know y natha

sneak in a play selicalustic let teach know, ah, got a match.  English Teach.

AP P L Y __G L U E __T O

T H I S __S U R F A C E

You think bomner Tom Sellick, yea, I think divin’ on Pearl could make a nick nice ___this software’s French mute it cheri, semi on many things French, you don’t have to go why is my bread all, how high is the pooty stink, all those go over there.  Along icy Sweden, it should be fell in.  Raw gesaltafish strobe fingers in the cans, with a Burgie demagogue.  We’re rollin’, four-on-the-pizza?  And theral light kerosene stationed.  Gitshie soon knock it over, there’s nuthin; mech to learn about robberies since you’re tough.  I don’t know hollow-points.  They’re still so long.  I spilled some on the floorboard.  Pick ’em up.  Threesie, gwan.

say yer up Thayer, winship.  ___________magga-

terrazine off ebersir koo lade

our scission, Jackie-soft, I give her parade, she mechanically pissed.  If

you clear odd dimension if 2n + 1 fruit

2 Responses to “Messiah The Recital”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    From the Keenan Crane web zone, these joints vertex-connect.
    Abstract: We introduce the heat method for computing the geodesic distance to a specified subset (e.g., point or curve) of a given domain. The heat method is robust, efficient, and simple to implement since it is based on solving a pair of standard linear elliptic problems. The resulting systems can be prefactored once and subsequently solved in near-linear time. In practice, distance is updated an order of magnitude faster than with state-of-the-art methods, while maintaining a comparable level of accuracy. The method requires only standard differential operators and can hence be applied on a wide variety of domains (grids, triangle meshes, point clouds, etc.). We provide numerical evidence that the method converges to the exact distance in the limit of practical knots. Divide.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Bipartite field theories that they halve with its global banana port:
    so the face looks looking being physical form outer nows, I understand superlinear strings, my brother the more I think about it, Hill 937 Dave, there, Cong.
    Did real good today, Lar. Let’s do this.

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