Syste Logros 610 Gun

Say I was below nide.
we don’t need dreadin’ no thought control, Tc, et als.
inhibited, feah for we missed one-way. This it to that is to travel
slove 2 Lucifer serling; bunny torso no skin,
rabbit to strobe
been lyin’ about the CASTRO

your goddamn friends

Jumpin’ Jack FLASHBACK #2




why am I doing this (CRUMB)

yeah, I use a hunt 102, could never use the brush..blah blah…

Later in 1985, the brothers were summoned to court for the February bust.  The call went out for the “gang” to gather..

(…a motley crew of artist-thugs under the whip of Dan O’Neill, the Captain Hook of the air pirates!)


Neill had me pick up Robert Crumb in winters and head to the rendezvous point at the O’Farrell Theater…

…Then it was on to City Hall to confront the jackal in its lair….

The press was milling around, waiting for something to happen.

… The sons and daughters of Watergate …they couldn’t even find the drinking fountain!

Hunter scolded them like tardy schoolchildren..“What the hell is going on here?”  he bellowed.  “This is supposed to be a public trial!  You won’t get any answers out here!!”

before noons

I just heard back on my cell phone you know what they say dead Mannick a serve  I ought to beat choke out rip-off this Playboy.

Fire district a 7-11-13 right triangle

say fours

puycep pah…

durrin sysy yop.

invertitude-are you embarrassed you gonna be?


inverse them dear I’m la-

zy livene toral popped-

up, bring headache mexi-

can, always state up be-

foar.  Machiine literal-

ly rivered littly puck whom








is it?  Hear enough?

I____Y ____D____V____I____________9?

Jer, the Lilliput granditute placed sincere of they screamed mere-

ly to these feces to be ylluficrem extract o player.



cali o leader sdefn in.

you ____________Shea

you brighter ____;

in _____the ___tuffet

assent to afraid off cuero-

sity fulxor ribbeth cut hurth

allid.  sevens ellid.  Didge

go foo the widge marq,

reich?____Thag and his butler help Ep are over at Ron’s, they meet Og.  special

surprises.___________Leave a form

ronsonalby. ___________expect aunnues.

spic up our father, 90s, entith-

ed to Jowjones T.d cele-

brid gambling heurite sugar’s

He acts pure, but he is lay them beauties few see can we met up in step up tawny Nicholas Blank of Karkenny a-

gainst quv leg-

less armatron cybo-double.



an hour ago repealed.

6:39 get it funny here he comes 5:13

I fell guilty; I just heard her.  Heard.  Lay jacks.  Criminals, late early circle

I sust like alk Dave Letterman typical

accomplice in a stand, clump, whatever-trees-stoke to go to, fo’ fo’ bitch.  I sussed he just heard to hulk chump, cabbage o ha’ hawk road.  distance to make._ cliff.  I pre chee there.   Chu chu me.  If I don’t know where we’re going, then we’re even, say.

Glamour, or “The Girls” magazine.  December.  Hitting my knee bone, avowal call if ESPee led to internecine sprung-blivet, then uh-uh, girls and boys combining their matching ink and blood pressure cuff, assert the stick and

fly ________________________________________up







Took 2-


clock of 5 AM ||Miller time||

south traitor




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