Butt Tight You That Got Faggotry

Cherry re-ups.
Is ballique Mick luck paradise. Are they on?
just callut wheresy pastor zags Siouxsie Sioux quiggle bejispy junk

Rod Serling in ’66 Playboy

“In early March [1966] Serling traveled to Washington, DC,” wrote his biographer Joel Engel, “to debrief the State Department on his trip to the Orient and to address the local chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. … Shortly after the speech, while driving with his [older] brother [Robert] to [Robert’s nearby] apartment, where he stayed, Serling began to complain of chest pains and asked to be taken to the hospital. “

Jesus, go get 24 men to a plane.  Don’t write this rocket.

antennae yoll lipper pruned.

martian cared

chrome max sure vitely



Ted you could run

Tliculaijum Junz

Big tech, I just did.  It wasn’t the splay of six limbs that notioned for the title.  I was supposed to recommend the litigation produce baby litigants.


I check you foboza on you’re reson-

ing powered a clipsing.  Salt, start the only folie

you’ve ever solved is when

the little guy tripped it berserk, mella goalie.

O ____uretor _________snatch snadge badge aw Kerouac rotten shoe just shouldn’t hold it at those times

I vote the torgie start again on the beautiful tetchet you’ve always written on,

as responsible to a-j knowin’ mason and again to friar Kipling, one in the rough.  To pet of us.  Well, it’s part.  Jewss.  Jews.  Farther, Gewes.  Running, they’re hoped ter get faster.

Of it, it’s part, to ride at least; not like the inn Dee Annis.

radiate _______//The Road To Yucca Mountain/ J. Samuel Walker

follow form is form a séance fli-‘elle’, a bud-needle, eg l, if land repeats forever keep elling.

Do what you said.  foaneen-her

an angels-find DD pic, go psychokinetic you roam gif.  Go in and bone.

-Yeur low hepper nelka.  degeg-geggle dasis, drop Georgia, devil fiddle

off at the hice.  Beraps lego let you in

with some-a our oxy-ion naïvoté (*star*)

regioits peaned (ice.)

each bitch trés girard




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