I Thik I Wall Survinyl Plabablee

I’m just cutting meat.  A 30-year old is saying how he doesn’t want to point it, can’t we bust a window, mommy.  Do you want to get tobacco?  It’s alright, Ocean Beach-how ’bout be?-miney, how do you like it; I’ve got yours, I’ve-listened.  Thank-you?  No, how I going and it is to sneak I’ll’s hose you off a second.  What.  Can I mind?  Different, probably, than a caffeine headache no ones see, a aspirin held up you esophabiscuits, chocolate licitly sparkling off the roof of your mouth, a $1.80 cents’ mecico-ltd. gives you a free straw hat, sense of woah-oh-oh, I launch my arm through there.

I am garner maine, naw-aww, neighs a narnfar…slow that-it’s beside the point, the Nazarene.  No, we’re late for that.  My goal is socks floating.  Sox doan float, leave a door there.  The “good wookin’ out” 200 V-V appa pie, is to keep from layin’ up  in a cell, so pressure does not bounce city-to-city, and stuff the love.  Lay me down. Rid it.



Nicki Minaj________________________her arm

Nicki Minaj________________________her arm

He ain’t no lucky charms. K, ammander, who does, “Big Shot”?

Billy Joel

Billy Joel

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