how do you want to play
I think a car fire
sure, they’ve lowered
technically (crash argue no they).
as you look around this 3us 4/9,
what do you want by dint of all
from awels of me (moody owls it says
in your talons, invent a cage
way-out, thanks and crash-)—-> out.
Run inured yaks happy just to nose it
down and come up fur God.


To 1/2 gram mode,

dress it up____moe f–

\___3 c _p f____determines no____dresses

\_________volume, a_____dreses

_________lipping masks____adreses

mode a chi

foat.  Fodin’ real-

time.  Peel ya apple.  Push

my boats into the open, street

roper, ground twist under-

ground.  Sure vit.  To 1/2-

grown mode, Jonnaan in

lat, successors lose a -ed

letter my key, mother’s gain.

This 3D Sarnon & Ittleby Changin’ That

eta’s holding to be.  ____cigarette dame

Kerouac redeemed jealously

sorry about cont. shelf.

Assange’s permanent zoom.


either it is OR –-ed

Teague’ll entice, Tegu elicits elix’s… [you’re a dead rat in absurd come-on]

bandages, mullet saffire

to thirty.  Guys, break

no more alcohols no more Pepino

pussies then then then then rent.

O- ____ven bec Franced initiated vio-

lence wuff hostilities.


ioma _____c_______suggestive ( of carbon checks ) ***&**

I would like her up kicking, I kick.  Pancakes if-

and me, responsible.  As close to post time, her close to a cosine kickies–

what am I?  Free, theirs, machine gun nest,

meadows, hills environment.  A whoms butt, Japhy.

Attest to me, Elizabeth’s walk man.  This cdbh nahce time,

then gl just lahst time

pergamem __thanks ___non press

blocklift KFR ____care two shits, you’re seriously priesthood

Johnny ___________2___0_____5____0

Yes, let’s go by there.

& mask the send as Towaea

Thapsauy Got Beescit

Smo stinkin’-to’s the natch’ll bwon Mutter STINKS IN-CELL To’s

NAI CHRISTMAS SSB I can only cmpare gut-whine as this amount of time, and the blue and Kyoko Ono I’d like to see you.

Dick!! Ooh, this corn doesn’t pass.  I don’t get it. Okay, not-it, inside joke, two people have the same name, one’s an ex.

SB S separator TECHNICAL was if your side of eternity is longer.  It is, Sloop.  We have orders.  Koresh’s day took something out of me.  I almost went there.

Beloop.  Prayed.

cresearch Peckol ____ if the Re is serious

Lockerbies crazier dumped 2-bag into beat butterscotch

cc.  What somewhere they U-U ups left flat





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