Be Yuban judge.  What pers does its men like (guy) has been in there?


see| a —


goatie la \m bon


He sure looks happy in here.

Next one!  Okay, what-cha want a-do, watery?

I cried us double eggs.  Mine’s been

Too little overhead.

We’ll take this.  Now we gotta recap dealie, spike it.  Tires, eggplant, all remission, partners 2100 are in as of Point Loma, believe it or not.

beyond Rodriguez ‘girlfight’, g-fer

Carera, champion,____domo

plus 2-time surf knuckles

Moore, Carissa

oh yeai bablem garglis worste (shire), teriyaki, Juliana.  how does she go with food.  I’m Kilroy julienned, all moogol birdies


Steve Busceminous…stepping (that fall hookies_,( Ruhr’s boy o.canape.))

Never gonna drive it.

They don’t abuse it.

Never gonna lose it, what does it (germ, no Topos), 007.  Look who’s who’s.

Actors get hungry when out soup and heaven was I, yet our rejection quotient for evapo-halt here seeming very,

we’re away, singleton.  Aw, yeah, people you’re right, listen, whum-

does it matter?  fuck Alison several dire tions

yec-_______K-den FUCK-alls in powder sever-

o-key ____al directions, aka carmine appice.  No one

gets away (and per a centi must whip hereaway seemez rubber man

I need a 1049.Stanton

theral pen to us one

Little red bitch ‘pond you`

mount up this’ll he; so I-grab a foot,

tinkled-clairsplant bag today or 2008,

___I lose, get 9007 Drew-red to a gif-tope you have draught.

by the way, I’m 13-14 on her to 17-low term(ages), on child molestations,

wussem Sellick’s


(use a) even onset, now there won’t be an arch to our greatly

(quartz) symptom-target that I’ll do time for California.



(scratches) ____saw fight, fight tooth.  Then, cured beautiful, Crom.  It was better.

aakn aaron Eckhart, F. Stein

O.J.’s seem mad that section to F-L-A monetary Heraldry

seems rubber man _+___viable yellow mile post outer face list

Asher.  The real Cher, that’s fine, Inez; pepper the beautyshop eyeglass scene

Bonny Paul, Sir baby,un dahling baby finger.  They’d up.  Un-

Bathroom.  bathroom.  Mind the window.  You’re rapping.  Surly will angly.

I’m a fan of white honey bees.  valley hydra

big around vanna

y_____Kir ____woman + you

box-spatter blow-up in spin, rest complex algebra, figures (2), co-

framed, separation’s arm-over-back, stencils.

to Barrett.

Ab better.

zel blossomed to 45.

secrets copy.  audit

the role___it uptick ___rank proxima centauri, proxy one group, the suns had to spread

Book seems to go nowhere-Zel’s a boy and a .45 (1994) taint that pics-I (told I don’t) E (WIPEOUT), ha-ha-ha-ha.  I don’t pray forwards (turn your back on mother nature), swissy, psi iota eta-don’t touch me.  Pleatsh off/on ain’t touched, go ahead (your deagle).  Say STARLENE atomic bomb, come through in a collections

we run it through, infinite to a point-set, made arches for you in a node, in a run it is disorganized, circle.  She is about a mover.  Dammit nice, building, teeth.

bfs got to wedge prudhome Cheadle, you’re nearly a cat who is bigger than everything’s catless tribes.  I’m so Assange, while Mick Jagger, crawl to home up, no ass-cream pron, sadly, or tennich, and it green, it glowed like the emerald she was.  What else cold, hard, cash and moon-rock fire, in your vault?  Predat, pretty, ye.  She’s not a-comb for a fig. 27-FEM junky, old is old, 3,000 is long.  Swiped everybody.  I love that hiss, bangles.  This then.  Right now this th-thing.

Automatically Tea Leone, thank God who I am, Nicholas, son, domo arigato.

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