Wheresy Pastor Zags

Drift a gun, blitzen.  Cleverhead.  A fold-you, unless, uh

the lieutenant, uh

lime shirt _______yes


Army shirts

7urthiss __________183 _____wallfeathers

are you set over|


keding______} ma



V ___all

my money I’m gonna leave for Saud witch’s 8 it.  Suttonly, Jeff, until you and I Hef

bhn’ll flip, insert a clip, sounds good, land, go nowhere.  It’s good.  Agents mad, hef din 8 it.

Walt din do times bnhn’ll flip R.U. going for the bitchen, _bhn.


sayin’ Kaylie North, the vague via Hosepart Veckolochter.

Max (+) twerp <—– to we are 30 of (x) strump, ‘splant’s livers,

bell-bottom tailpipe, my mom. ___^ ___government 7, long give if there were there would be no handjob astrological signs

in fact

describe us Jolie strollin’n the street where she lives.  Slow down.


7use the border between Civil and Criminal

any they missed




Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson







renee zellwegerfectio

renee zellwegerfectio





2 Responses to “Wheresy Pastor Zags”

  1. jjranthony Says:

    Hey… can I ask you what all this means?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      sure, I grew up in concord, calif. I have pranks and jokes denali Africa. I mean the underlying strata make it the same line. Conflict, it’s poetry, but, one of my uncles got cider pissed in his pussed, try that for a pic that you were, we read up picture, nature, yeah, rob it, ewer. That was one post, yeah, but this one is the wax-on, wax-off of, “Did you ever get picked up by the fuzz,” I asked this of Amerigo’s wife.”No, but I bet it hurts”, and I’m left over pounds of dick and gallons of jizzelm, anselm hollo sold sam hartz-that’s what happened-heart in, so we had to change that part out, thanks for checkin’ in with Pat Boone. A guy is NAMED Fuzz, and he is a Pastor, it’s a proxy, he’s under a car with his Purolator girl and a cop grabs ghis leg, very, “C’mon out”, well, “I’m Pastor Fuzz, dammit”, and this cop, fresh from chuckland, says, “I don’t care how far you are”, and dabbling all dusty do not want to get-she’s pregnant-talkin’. So, they move the pussy, okay. That’s directions to the side of her pantie, bent, the pubes, chocolate or vanilla, I go after they ask you not to come.”Hey, how are you? We just met. I’ll bow.”

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