For He’s A Victimless Fellow

3 seconds to make this bomb.  Six!  Six.  Down there cops are “C’mon, honey, let’s go make some noise.”  On impulse, noes.  Jackie, if I may say so as a product, thus a dog sniffs, a human scratches the canyon, or as forever three blocks, there, thirty-fortieth guy I am abscessed behind hoi polloi and cockroaches with figures glued to them.  Cecil-barteen, the fews and the multitudes you dumped, junky.  We know of Addison fuses on El Cajon, property for rent.  Mathematically, the angle avoiding the eighteenth letter: YIELD % a-pede-al’s 18 each: … … … … .. . halt double faulting, she’s halted foreign physics a t  t h e  t a k e seam laundry crayon.  Never ages on the thumb the way the Excalibur didst, Colthursts.  Merry Xmas two days a go glass half-full?  Slosh bourbon rally when your eclipse is hella Barry.

… … … … .. .







Captions will busy radical bayou crossroad gravel spitty while I louver.

The Vorcarie to the hunt, Pop.  You lame.  PZ is stunt the supercool sine wave on arcnine work return.  Burst online and all work is around a body, safely removed from free replaceable works reflexed during my migraine.  I gender-confuse anyplace from a mice padded “whoosh” of naturin’ or a “whoosh” the way wapey (nod a horse), peed its dent into the volcanic urinal sand.  Dog there is one bunny’s act of believing the wives not in and not out of option.  Telemetry’s almost against the opposite not-out.

scarlet’s y’host

gifts keep on iron Clooney by Steve

un-short pants Frank’s Grillo’s sharp pain short pain, Guess Eyeglasses and Wolverine smudges.

$100 bill ________ Joh-red #3’s captive

and blues but do both in tuxes and blue red.

red Frank but no. _____ camee


Co_boyman custo. _____ Howl  _____ccommand


scaring me.  He smell froo _______________comb fo’

my ouf-oufit sir, muslil tearin’


Ronstadt far from  ever lightly.  Ise lavatri on


__the pumpetas of loves melnsl uvkly.

__Buckstars, I shall have a tree.  Didn’t um run (shitty was nervous)

out of coffee juned un shorted

_however many chain strikes hold.

ie a-o round right tcec

Milkman derby hat–

wearing a jersey cow

But hello unfucku-san.

____Now I rap the preliminal strove dcloes

i st-Time___repeated that do not repay

purporting.  By this time under one-fourth

so fucking fast if I got

batron pro that back.  I can’t

get tron on two forwars fun-

nies altogether when you pond

up.  You lusten to your head

ache o. quieter-quietly-after fifty

pah pah pah pah  ma pah po _`_________spanish

ker face.  My I think moose.  They

gore each woodchuck.

Things are different sizes but in this model there’s nothing missing theirs normal nothere besides, no object observable, nope, after another shackjob a pound of honest-A Winkler.  Cruise up, jacket.  Divulge.


2 Responses to “For He’s A Victimless Fellow”

  1. jjranthony Says:

    is this poetry?

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