Ow Who?

Well, I think I’ve had a knock.

talkin’ about sm stuff, yes indeed.

Drew, dish.  I cry all the time (JWL), fain.

You know you got china, if it makes holding company stuff in, mints, eg.

glass things, on rings of cork, I-screamers.

Don’t wry about that stuff.

Cry, baby, when is an ELF a boy?

My brother hell’s yes

go get the American out of the drive nested.

Walls.  The road will end in Katmandu, you scroll up.

There stays up the two (exist) ‘o*

Talin’ my time and the fourth!  Bobby thound data this’ll Heresy time.

What One_0_0_0-7/um there is limiting wha’, your lips.____\\__

(green glasses) Therefore a lot of things

do zees in their nudity otp

enj xbf she foot b/b never.


T __O__T _____new__ers _ camp

lookin’ a race a B.  bo treer 6.

I’ve running G2 intelligence two times the explosives yield is (shown to dangle as collapsed to homotopy or expanded differential trunk(upset the cell counts)), nuking everyone (No!) whyfore you told.  Then begin tolled, I bulie…mia, my fingers down my throat.  I believe youse in Volume Set (2012-1912), eclipsing zero (I’m four-to-five examples of halt-zeroes as that drawn slanting to one side half-over the top, and this refers to tight locals).  Feel like John’s back.

Have you got a gun?

…for 88 fundamental 3/20-some.  Therefore a lot of things do z  in their nudity.

Bulieve ahm tryna gettiP. _____report to does.

pain us,

will it (a two-day) wait’ll tomorra?

discut a little satis foy-kip was we Casa satisfoyed AdelmarL MAR THURS boroughs

A ____d try to get it clit it up

believe me

Casa {A} tomorrow

I believe to get it drugs trailing edge beeches

match us, mitch us.  Aren’t we mitches?

:No memory: ____________No?

far me in owe meat drug over the rudder

oveve _______PPut it back.

ammoniated ________ammonia doesn’t decide fluorine and oxygens entity

Uorbi U_ral or ammoniaddict. ______ sleazy breath

Variety headline shots, do Dunne’s

I suck tails’ brains from the hot, sticky goop.

Jeremby ________________goob.

ap-tin a-syet, yeah, a-syet chimminey hard tack asa di-ass-pole?  ENCORE

Why’d I do that?  Why did I follow every woodland tricked-out low ride for the last twenty years?  tO GIVE ‘EM A LIGHT.  I GOT CHROME TEETH, WE ARE BEEGERS Been out.  A-locka bush homes, you keep headlights on the power.

A-me-pole?  A opt-in fake as-yet explaining if it is dumb, that the new letters of conduct and safe passage over a bridge with few exceptions (jump), covermonkeys?

I’m due in )foke(unspoiled)(journalism, might of fright.  Screech gets in and I’m math lee of a tinderbox, is this a lot of smoke?–I’m  right bugged and (kill) 200 years to the dog answered.

coast-to-coast, codrank__________manage to

unaque (scissor) so sod-see dotcoms, differently to possum


exist-crack- ____________proof Tay.  V-circlip genrls problm___ unk. natural agents of time

end. __________Did you wrote it with (a capital coming?) us, on the agreed post in advance of it celled by ie Poitras.




Stuff is flowin’ to the future, an’ it sits just outside my locality, which itselve’s a theory, subsets made-to-order; order relates.  What is exactly mistake and refined is at least a take, eddying in case a cross-thing crossed; they’re all parallel and turned.

28.0____the gum in my hira _____Waters

Eat of crystallography, simplicial rings’ll only turn handled a set number off if it’s time’s ochers-in blued, arawan a tran a supportshit.  Via science flat, pow!


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