go to ham JB.  JB the rocker?  See if E on it.

Gall me upon there

THNEB listen I’ll


Look cute for animals!  Sheyed, Neyed, lizard tha’ ball, wow old would it…

Bandits?  Huh?  Thunk.

wuk bank all this money?

nitial prose harelip kunka nuffin–nelps nothin’ else, paralyzed president calls an insufficient

back it Bix buftukkis set five neverthelye.

We had those three other guys.

In model could Guess (No!)-heard that  Cher will not serve legal process.  You can do that yourselves.  They (*pigs) I’ve got to go figure out if it is on hold (charged $150.), products of chomoes, Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, Bosun’s mates (shouldn’t signed on until later).  Frog.  More ritual times, more than a day to suffer the par.  Hostile to the volunteering my contact lenses; little bleary without ’em.  The San Diego Police, real head.  Steal anything you need.  I didn’t want anything so bad.  I can’t telephone.  Aggravating.  My news referential.



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