Prisoner Of War Toy


shounget shot


sent a letter

Fipps great maser.

Never Research (I’m a kurrate)

Political Corruption — Keep up with gossip. All politicians are expected to be corrupt, but who among them is desperate or despicable enough to be willing to pay to eliminate the competition? Tried and true methods are accidental death, assassination, or worse yet, political death brought on by scandal.

Definitely daughter they’re like alliance, deserving in another packetal 100 years

They’re like

thous goin? (How I make my bones.  Line by x by sincere)

Naw, they just fired it.  I don’t know eg, W, H, (I’m gonna put some more money on it)

If eyes see.


after C in this crème de la crème, FordGress.

Foe dust, I don’t even Jung-a-lize persons unk. to me |wrapper| |an| now



Did I hear a lecture event?


25/35_____________the Navy boiled over

& cs _____________an’ lainced out

out the mayor, Christians

bord ro ____________a cut back on if a generality______ro his lesson’s a

deep-water proposal

er___________________of Boze-daccylic

cat could be enny.

bordco ___________major __________grist


lean________counter._______you. _____Boppa doo good for


Hm.  An old Trini Lopez is whom I can see rights.  “Like” Fidel Castro, or (stop it.  Or, hur will surprise us about Paul’s constant solemn head-nobbing all around.  Don’t fire me, I’m froot of it, just blueberry.  sorry.  I’m all ducked it.  Label the Stone.  Dre, lil Worpress pop, dey?  Naope.)  L O V E

from without cooed cirrus; I don’t clown to be clouded in my surveyor at judge.  Mighty code concr-concord.


I slip I say, “Civilian Criminal Courts Building.”


on_________________ other crew its {A}.  Fine, leanin’.   Outer here._____and   you love it

why _________ I love you’s-no _______ like Tom Sizemore, the gizzard lel, Krusty likes a chorus girl whose 14 number is a phone #, not H O B O

girl three girls down_____ Fooderacacycle, toad

Its tasting loaded-up with lonely-hearts colored extracts.

E a guest and loosens up specific to critical torchings, with crime scene evidence and annotationed


sadder drainage

you get gadolinium from used cars?  Fucker, keep your African.  Children motor out.

me ___duajune ____meeting [poer to the _____purist]

meeting called to order


water ________E _N U J A U D


/ /   |

r _M   He knew J A U D


\ _______________________His Krettis Whole.

uckalow    ____________Bubble



Roccocolade Juaju Any

water?____________Number of bounties

I have out creates _________________shareholder


Sharon holders

… lol how shall I VAN __it–

polka-dot ___ &______creame__ maleodea

er, kid (it gets pleads bah-lack!)

Rest up 107′ for 2′

waning watercressa

dubya-V ___67 , sinner, I suck the dictle main-

ly for … and then yeer rin din (2000).

  • out
  • _______past
  • ______technically
  • _____possible



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