Flag Over Mulholland

I should have a post in my browser, or… a new “x”, in, uhh, breadth? My, my. It takes one’s breath away for my computer, the ISP, these customers of that ISP, the violation of some order, or the execution of former presidents yet to come. I don’t know. I know the police in San Diego robbed me, the feds shit invesigstion () can suck all the dick that this guy…
I am going to see about it.
Yoko Ono ‏@yokoono · 15h
Remember, we are all water in the same ocean.

I am shooting-fucks-gallery. They’ve the furtive movements. These random subjects and violations of and disturbance, is Easter-Island grade. Japan is an Easter Island, in their mind, so, how was I suiciding? mentally? Hair?

I have stone killers. Soon, they will be locked up. What prank? Have you married genetics?

Foresh. Prodewce-a make of gasoline-is it
sics a mawl, garrette and ofay? I am hermetic over the different percents drugs. Take your pill, in the metal bottle.
McGarrette-able. Someone whooshed up and he’s chocktaw-disappeared.
Garrette “B” will elle ____ ___ time. Elle? B-not E, what is it about the raven? The hat, the cross it’s standing being God on?
I recall, now. Yes, Brown. Caw-caw-caw. Who told the dirt? Dirt! Not, “south”, you moaner-boner.
Yes, mind her, my whole post is being rewritten; with Billing it is mad. My son is decnt.
Make Garret’s mauls a hella juice cocktail brown one of these yellow.
Claire Idaho had one of these sciences set. Propel. White to
Gay and Lesbian “crime”,
I assure you hit, I’d shoot dnappers, and I don’t. Always make decisions. Always clear.


tOO late, I did a little may on myself tn; there’s a girl over there.  War

mth is spreading down my legs

as I experience what?  Don’t forget, we are a class, subject to all you can be possibly doing (to do what seems to be why ancient English is so appropriate up here.)

Fat_Bottom_Girls CARE_I am shooting rainbows bec I wanted it hours ago

CARE_I am shooting rainbows bec I wanted it hours ago



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